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Zerona Austin Laser Fat Reduction

Laser Zerona Fat Reduction Treatments May Be The Holy Grail of Plastic Surgery!

The Zerona Laser can help you with:

  • fat loss
  • loss of inches

All without any invasion into the body, and without any incisions!  Looking and feeling great has never been easier.  If you find yourself looking in the mirror wishing you could drop a few inches, but you are not interested in going under the knife, then Laser Zerona treatment might be the perfect fit for you.

Experience the life-changing results of the first noninvasive laser approved by the FDA.  ZERONA will transform your body with results you can see in two short weeks, with patients seeing an average loss of 4.1 inches of fat off their waist, hips and thighs. ZERONA  is both a safe and effective way to lose fat and inches without surgery, pain, bruising or recovery time.

Feel great about your body and fit into those clothes with Zerona.

Why not contact one of our 5 Medspas in Austin for a free no obligation consultation about the Zerona laser fat reductions treatment and how it can help you achieve the appearance you deserve.

Zerona AustinWhat is Zerona Laser Austin?

Zerona is a low-level laser that can help change the shape of your body without any surgery at all.

How can Zerona Austin Laser help?

Zerona helps by breaking down targeted areas of fat, ensuring it leaves the body.

How does Zerona Laser work?

A cold laser will be aimed at your skin into the treatment area. That energy is taken in by the fat in the area, which is then broken down and eliminated by your immune system. It does not affect any of the surrounding skin or tissue.

What should I expect during Zerona treatment?

For about 40 minutes, you’ll be completely relaxed as we begin to work on the target areas. There is no pain associated with this procedure, so you can do things like relax or read while we treat you.

Are these treatments safe?

Zerona Laser is FDA approved, and few patients have shown side effects from the procedure.

How many treatments will I need?

Most patients require at least six treatments to achieve full effectiveness, which should not be spaced more than 72 hours apart.

Is Zerona Laser painful?

Not at all. The chances are good that you won’t feel anything before or after treatment.

Who is a good candidate for Zerona Laser ?

Laser Zerona can be used at any place on your body where you find localized fat deposits. Individuals who have ongoing health problems should consult the staff at Beleza Medspa before treatment.

What should I do after treatment?

There is no downtime associated with this procedure, so you can immediately resume your day-to-day activities.

Why do Zerona at Beleza Medspa?

Beleza Medspa has multiple modalities to treat excess fat.   We have a very successful SmartLipo laser liposuction program, Coolsculpting, a weight loss diet and the new Venus Freeze radio frequency skin tightening and cellulite treatment, as well as Zerona.  For our Zerona patients, if your are not satisfied with your results, you can take the amount you paid and apply it to a regularly-priced SmartLipo liposuction!  We want you to be happy and have multiple methods to make sure you get the results you desire!