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Weight Loss Pills: You Don’t Need Them!

weight loss pillsLosing weight is tough.  If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t need to lose weight! Weight loss pills seem like an easy fix.  But if they really worked wouldn’t losing weight be much easier?  The more you understand about weight loss the easier it will be for you to actually lose weight.

Top Ten Myths About Weight Loss.

  1. I just need to exercise more!  Unfortunately studies have shown that those who exercise to try to lose weight, actually gain weight.  Most people who exercise at the gym actually spend far fewer calories than they believe.  If they are lucky they expend a few hundred calories.  But then most people will compensate for their exercise with larger portions, an extra cookie, etc.  As a result, they will end up taking in more calories than they expended.  Exercise is for weight maintenance not initial weight loss.
  2. I am eating right now.   If you are reading this and need to lose weight, you are not eating right.  Most of us get little to no nutritional education and depend on our parents to learn how to eat.  Unfortunately their knowledge of eating was probably worse than our’s!  You have to face the fact you do not know how to eat or what to eat before you can lose weight.
  3. I just can’t lose weight.   Untrue.  Most people who cannot lose weight have not dealt with their addiction to food, specifically bad food.  They have not developed any knowledge of how to eat properly.  Everyone can lose weight.
  4. I’ll just starve myself.  Don’t we wish it would just be this easy!  Unfortunately starving yourself will not only make you miserable and unable to function, you will end up losing muscle and not fat.  There is a place for periodic fasting and learning to control hunger and insulin levels, but starving yourself will not work.
  5. I’ll eat diet foods.  Most diet foods are nothing but heavily processed food like substances.  They are really bad for you and try to cut calories by adding chemicals.  Even worse, most people who eat diet foods will eat extra portions that wipe out any calorie savings!
  6. I’ll try weight loss pills.  If it sounds too good to be true, it is!  Some weight loss pills can actually suppress your appetite.  But what happens when you stop them?  Unless you have dealt with your food addiction and learned how to eat, diet pills are worthless!
  7. I’ll eat more salads.  Eating salad is great and a necessary part of a healthy diet.  But unless you know hot to eat a balanced diet, just eating salads will lead to a weight loss failure.
  8. I can continue to eat out and lose weight.  Unfortunately most of the restaurant food we eat is very  high in calories and low  in nutrition.  Coupled with huge portions, appetizers, bread, drinks, etc., eating out is a recipe for one thing only, weight gain.  A big part of knowledge about food is shopping, cooking and bringing your food with you to work.
  9. I’ll join a weight loss program.  Sure, if you join a weight loss program or take weight loss supplements, you can lose weight.  But what happens when the program is over and the foods go away?  Without the knowledge, you will go back to your old habits and gain the weight back.
  10. I actually understand what it takes to lose weight.  False.  If you are reading this and you are obese, you are in a fat fog that you don’t even know about.  Fat actually makes hormones that can cloud your thinking.  Plus, continuous high insulin levels have trained your brain to constantly be hungry and seek out calorie rich foods.  You are basically a zombie that has no control of your eating and can easily manipulated by the food industry into eating more and more bad food!

So how can I go from fat zombie to a lean healthy individual?

The first step in getting help is to recognize that you need it.   You need to recognize that there is a problem that you have no control of.  It’s not your fault.  It’s not because you are lazy, or dumb or weak-willed.  It’s because you never had a chance.  You were never taught the right way to eat and then you were plied with never-ending amounts of high calorie, cheap food all of your life. The result is an ever-increasing waistline, medical problems, low self-esteem and hopelessness.

The great thing is that it is never too late to get control of this and reverse all the damage!  It is time to face your addiction to bad foods and begin to detox.  Once the fat starts coming off your body, the fat fog will lift from your brain and you will begin to realize what you have been doing to yourself all those years.  You will need help to do this.  You will not only need assistance to lose the weight, but to gain that nutritional knowledge to keep the weight off.  Beating an addiction is never easy.  But trying to beat an addiction that involves something you need everyday to live, is especially tough.  Beleza Medspa counselors are experts at helping you lose weight and keep it off.  Our Medical Weight Loss Diet has been tremendously successful in this regard.  Make your first step to a healthier you with a free weight loss consultation.