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Weight Loss: Face it, You’re Addicted to Food!

Weight Loss Diet Failures.

The number of weight loss diets, supplements and extreme weight loss shows out there is dizzying.  All of these will work to some degree or other. The problems is that they are all of a temporary nature.  When the weight loss diet is over, we go back to our usual ways, and viola, we have gained all the weight back!  So what is really going on here?

Food Addiction.

Just like anything else that rewards our brain with pleasure, food is also prone to addictive behavior.  Look at the definition of addiction: compulsive engagement in rewarding behavior, despite adverse consequences.  Sound familiar?  Plain and simple, we need food to fuel and support our bodies.  When we allow our eating to be taken over by emotions and reward, the true purpose of eating becomes incredibly distorted.  This is compounded by the food industry which deliberately manipulates the nature of the food we eat to emphasize taste and reward and fuel addiction.

Two other signs of addiction include tolerance and withdrawal.  Do you find yourself needing ever increasing amounts of food to feel satisfied?  Or does it have to be even sweeter or saltier?  That is tolerance.   When you deprive yourself of your favorite foods or limit the amount, do you experience strong cravings?  This is withdrawal.  As you can see, food addiction is real and probably is the most common and damaging addiction out there.

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Breaking the Food Addiction Cycle.

The first part of dealing with any addiction is becoming aware of it and understanding you have this problem.  The other big part is to be 100% motivated to rid yourself of it.  If you have come to these conclusions on your own, then breaking your food addiction is very much possible.

Think about other addictions.   Recovery and treatment usually first requires going cold turkey.  You must stop the rewarding behavior and deal with the withdrawal.  This is much more complex with food addiction as we must eat to live!  The good thing is that we don’t have to stop eating foods, only the foods that propel food addiction.

Sugar, Flour and Insulin Resistance.

The most rewarding food substances to our brains are simple carbohydrates like sugar and flour.  Simple carbohydrates light up reward centers in our brain.  They also induce the release of insulin.  Insulin clears sugar from our blood and stores it as fat.  Insulin also stimulates our appetites.  So when our diet is high in sugar and flour our insulin levels are constantly increased.  This leads to fat formation as well the appetite to feed those fat cells.  You actually become a fat factory!  So you are addicted to these substances that make you fat and hungrier!

When you cut sugar and flour from your diet, your body will look for other sources of blood sugar.  It will break down fat to do this.  If you replace the simple carbohydrates with complex carbohydrates (fruits & vegetables) and fat and protein, the body will  use these for fuel and support.  So the fat cycle is reversed, and fat is being broken down and insulin levels are suppressed.  This is how the food addiction is relatively easily broken.  Removing addictive sugar and flour from our diets and replacing them with fat and protein.  Eventually your appetite and cravings will wane and the addiction will subside.

 Medical Weight Loss Diet and Food Addiction

As many of us know, it is very hard to beat an addiction by yourself.  Our very successful Medical Weight Loss Program can help you with food addiction.  We call it our ‘Nutritional Boot Camp”or ‘Food Addiction Rehab’.   Under our close supervision, we will help you cut the calories, make better food choices, and start losing the weight!  If you realize you are addicted and want to beat it, the Medical Weight Loss Program is the perfect way to achieve your goals, quickly and safely.

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