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Eye Brow Waxing & Shaping in Austin, TX

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A beautifully-groomed brow is the best way to achieve the look you want. Beleza Medspa’s waxing services are the perfect complement to your beauty routine.

What is wax and brow shaping?

Wax and brow shaping is the best way to give yourself a gorgeous brow without the pain and ongoing work of tweezing.

What should I expect during treatment?

The aesthetician will put hot or cold wax on your skin, then apply a strip of muslin. She’ll pull your brow taught, and then she’ll give the strip a tug. It will come out with the hairs attached.

Are these treatments safe?

Waxing and brow shaping is completely safe.

How many treatments will I need?

The frequency of the waxing depends a bit on your hair. You may need to have it done once a month or once every two months, initially. As you continue to wax, you’ll notice a much finer texture.

Is wax and brow shaping painful?

For a moment, wax and brow shaping can sting. However, the pain completely fades as soon as the procedure is over.

Who is a good candidate for wax and brow shaping?

Anyone who wants to get rid of unwanted hairs is a good candidate for a wax. To get your brows waxed, the hairs must be long enough.

What should I do after treatment?

Avoid any products on your skin for a few hours so you don’t clog your pores and keep your skin as clean as possible.