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Venus Freeze Treatment Austin TX*

Comfortable procedure requiring no anesthesia.

Heat introduced stimulates collagen and skin tightening.

Can be repeated for maximum results.

Complements many other procedures.

Reduce Cellulite, Tighten Skin, & Look and Feel Younger with Venus Freeze Treatments!*

As we age our bodies begin to sag as our skin loses its elasticity.  There are several ways to try to deal with this problem.  Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery procedures are available to remove skin and tighten loose areas.  But this requires the risk of surgery and then there is the issue of recovery and scars.  Thats why nonsurgical and noninvasive procedures like Venus Freeze Treatments are growing in popularity.  Most noninvasive skin tightening procedures are based  on introducing heat into the connective tissue layer.  Heat causes some of the collagen already present to straighten and tighten.  More importantly, heat stimulates skin cells to make new collagen and skin.  This leads to gradual skin tightening.

Venus Freeze uses radiofrequency combined with magnetic energy to stimulate skin tightening and new collagen formation.  The comfortable Venus Freeze treatment head penetrates the deep tissues with radiofrequency energy that causes gradual heating.  The treated area is maintained at a certain temperature for a period of time.  This treatment is repeated over 6-8 sessions.

Venus Freeze Austin Skin Tightening

Compared to Thermage and Ultherapy, Venus Freeze is painless, repeatable and much cheaper. We can repeat Venus Freeze treatments as often as we need to, while the cost and discomfort of Thermage make it very difficult. You will have results as good as Thermage without the hassle and pain!  Venus Freeze Cost is also much lower than Thermage.

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Update – 3/26/2013

joyce is my absolutely favorite. she is very through and always pays attentions to every detail of my skin. PLUS she includes my daughter, Bella and lets her pick a prize from the princess box:))

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  • I have been doing freeze thereby for the last 8 weeks. Joyce is amazing and I’ve seen a huge difference in my “assets.”I would recommend this to anyone looking to tighten & tone their bum and backs if legs area!! Thanks so much!!