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Vaser Lipo vs Laser Lipo

What is the difference between Laser Lipo and Vaser Lipo?

We have heard of all these new fat busting technologies.  What are they and do they work?  Beleza Medspa Austin TX, demonstrates and discusses the differences between laser lipo and vaser lipo.

Laser Lipo

Laser Lipo or better known by its brand name, Smartlipo, involves the use of a laser during liposuction.  The laser provides a focused beam of a single wavelength of light.  The light is absorbed by the tissues like fat, blood and skin to generate heat.  It is the heat that is important for the effects of laser lipo.  The heat will cause fat to melt and allows more fat removal and smoothing of the fat layer.  The heat absorbed by blood is important as it helps to cauterize blood vessels and control bleeding.  Finally, the heat absorbed by the skin and connective tissue leads to skin tightening.  So the effects of laser lipo or smartlipo help to improve liposuction results and decrease downtime.

Vaser Lipo

Unlike laser lipo, vaser lipo uses ultrasonic sound waves.  These sound waves causes microscopic bubbles to form that help to break apart and free fat cells from the surrounding tissues.  This is important in areas of very fibrous fat like the chest, back and previous liposuction areas.  So the lipo vaser allows more fat to be removed with less trauma to the surrounding tissues.  Some heat is generated during the use of vaser but it is not as focused as laser lipo.  As with laser lipo, vaser lipo provides better results with less downtime.

Smartlipo and Vaser can be used together or alone during liposuction cases.  They can work together to provider smoother and better sculpted body areas with less trauma and downtime.  They are both tools that a well trained and experienced cosmetic surgeon will use as needed during surgery.  Contact us now for your free liposuction consultation to determine which body contouring procedure is best for you.


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