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Spot Correction with SkinCeuticals CryoCorrect

Who doesn’t want spotless skin? Beleza MedSpa is pleased to announce we will now be offering a new in-office treatment to treat unwanted spots: The CryoCorrect Precision by SkinCeuticals. Starting October 24th, the CryoCorrect will be available at all four Beleza locations. What is the CryoCorrect? The CryoCorrect is a noninvasive in-office spot correcting treatment available only at select SkinCeuticals skincare professionals (and Beleza is thrilled to be one of them!). It is clinically proven to treat mild to moderate cosmetic skin lesions, such as age spots, sun spots, and skin tags on the face, hands and body in as little as one treatment. Safe. Fast. Effective. What we love about the CryoCorrect is how fast and easy it is. One zap only takes 5-8 seconds! Using cryotechnology, the CryoCorrect gently freezes spots using a steady flow of carbon dioxide (CO2) at a milder temperature than traditional cryogens (i.e. liquid nitrogen). As a result, we are seeing a much more comfortable and softer freeze where the surrounding skin is left intact. With little to no downtime and minimal discomfort, results can be seen in as little as 1 treatment depending on the spot location and size.* What to Expect During and Post Treatment During a CryoCorrect Treatment, the spot is quickly frozen and will turn a dark color. This dark color may last between 3-5 days before a scab forms. The scab will slough off between 2-3 weeks, and normal healthy skin will appear. In some cases, the healing process can vary between 4-12 weeks.* #CheckThenCryoCorrect We recommend having all unwanted spots checked by a Dermatologist before undergoing a CryoCorrect Treatment to determine if you are a candidate for this procedure. Our medical professionals will also conduct their own analysis before moving forward with the treatment. Our medical professionals are highly experienced in administering the CryoCorrect Precision and can answer any questions you may have about the treatment. As an added convenience to our patients, the CryoCorrect will be available at all four locations making it easy on your commute to finally get those unwanted spots zapped. Call or email us to book your FREE consultation today: or 1.800.509.9785.  …

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Allure Magazine announced their highly-anticipated Best of Beauty Breakthrough Awards this week recognizing the best-of-the-best in various beauty categories. Beleza was especially pleased to see that Allure awarded the 2017 Best of Beauty Breakthrough Award to three of our top-selling (and personal favorite) products: Juvéderm Volbella® XC, SkinBetter Science Alto Defense Serum, and SkinMedica® Lytera 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum. What is  Juvéderm Volbella® XC? Juvéderm Volbella® XC (Volbella) is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler used for lip augmentation and for the correction of perioral lines, often called “lipstick lines” in adults. The lidocaine gel improves the comfort of the injection by reducing sensitivity to pain. Allergan’s new formulation in the product, the Vycross technology, separates this filler from other dermal fillers. It produces natural, softer lips and patients experience less swelling after the injections. “It’s made with a lower concentration of hyaluronic acid than any other filler out there, so it has a soft consistency and is the best option for anyone who wants a very natural look,” says Jessica Wu, a dermatologist in Los Angeles. (Allure). Where can I buy Volbella? As an added convenience to our patients, Beleza offers Volbella at all four locations making it easy on your commute to finally get those lips done. I might be a little biased, but Beleza truly does have some of the top injectors in Austin (and maybe even Texas!). As a Top 25 Allergan Aesthetic Practice in the country, (AKA Black Diamond Practice), all Beleza MedSpa injectors receive the highest level of training from Allergan directly on all injectables, including Volbella. Taking the plunge to get your lips done is nerve racking enough as it is, so it’s best to avoid the added stress of worrying about your injector’s experience. Take a seat at the big kids table and let us take care of your new perfect pout. Call or email us to book your FREE consultation: 1.800.509.9785. Click here to check out some of our before and after photos! What is Skinbetter Science Alto Defense Serum? Let’s just put it this way: Alto is THE antioxidant to buy. We all know antioxidants are a key player in a skin care routine because they protect against damage caused by free radicals (pollution, sun, and stress etc). Alto Defense literally takes being an antioxidant to a new level. It is a lightweight, powerful, innovative serum that contains 19 different antioxidants to protect your skin from nasty cell-damaging, wrinkle-causing free radicals. Yes, we said 19! Where can I buy Skinbetter Science Alto Defense? From Beleza MedSpa, of course! Skinbetter Science has put the lock-down on all 3rd party online retailers, so unfortunately we are unable to sell their products from our online store. That said, we are happy to ship to you directly. To purchase this amazing product (or any Skinbetter Science products), please visit us in-store at one of our four store locations, or please give our sister store, Texas Beauty Company, a call at 512.953.0512 or email (PSST – they ship nationwide FOR FREE when you spend $50!) What is SkinMedica® Lytera 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum? Lytera 2.0 is a pigment correcting serum used to treat hyper-pigmentation skin. The best part about Lytera 2.0 is that it is clinically proven to address pigment discoloration, regardless of your genetics or skin tone. And, it’s ideal for ALL skin types? Unheard of! Another highlight of this brightening serum is that it complements the use of other skin care treatments such as laser therapy, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and other skin care products. We have had clients see results in as little as two weeks and then even better results after 12 weeks! It contains five key ingredients to help lighten dark skin splotches, even out your skin tone, and diminish dark spots. And, the cherry on top? Lytera 2.0 will fit in seamlessly with your other skin care products. Again, unheard of! Where can you buy SkinMedica® Lytera 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum? You’re in luck! You can purchase Lytera 2.0 directly from our online store, Texas Beauty Company, (FREE shipping over $50!), or please visit us in-store at one of our four store locations to purchase. BUY NOW: SkinMedica® Lytera 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum All in all, we are thrilled Allure Magazine confirmed what we already knew was true: these three top selling products truly are leaders in their field. Please call or email us to book your free consultation if you would like more information: or 1.800.509.9785.…

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Beleza Launches New HydraFacial Menu

Beleza Medspa is pleased to announce the launch of a new HydraFacial MD specialty menu. It is Beleza’s mission to constantly find ways to cater to our client’s skin care needs, and the launch of this menu will support that effort. Whether you are looking to brighten, treat or rejuvenate your skin, our new HydraFacial menu has something for everyone. With the addition of three specialty HydraFacial options and four add-on options, we just completely upped your facial game (and your skin won’t know what hit it!).   “It was essential for us to adjust our HydraFacial options at Beleza. We have such a broad spectrum of clients, all with individual needs. I am thrilled to be able to offer the new specialty options to my clients.”   The new menu is available at all four Beleza locations. Ready to book? Check out the menu below! HydraFacial MD (45 min)  A customizable, rejuvenating skin resurfacing treatment that immediately reduces the look of lines, wrinkles, acne, hyper-pigmentation, congested pores and uneven skin tone. Nourish, protect and maintain your skin with this multi-step process starting with exfoliation and glycolic/salicylic acids that deliver the benefits of a peel without post peeling scaling. This is followed by painless extractions with vortex suction to clean out pores with Beta HD serum. Lastly, the vortex fusion delivers antioxidants and peptides to nourish and protect the skin. Anti-Aging HydraFacial (60 min) The anti-aging HydraFacial MD treatment includes the added benefits of Derma Builder and LED light therapy to dramatically restore the skin. DermaBuilder minimizes signs of aging and recharges skin with a patented combination of peptides will will enhance your skin’s elasticity, improve its texture and tone, and give your skin a firmer appearance. Adding the LED helps reduce the appearance of redness/sensitive skin and the signs of aging. Skin Brightening HydraFacial (60 min)  Enjoy a HydraFacial MD® with the added benefits of a proprietary brightening agent, Britenol serum, Vitamin C, and Alpha-Arbutin, followed by LED light therapy. This enhancement paired with the HydraFacial MD® helps minimize the appearance of dark spots, sun spots, and hyper-pigmentation. Advanced Acne Treatment HydraFacial (60 min) Enjoy a HydraFacial MD with the added benefits of BetaHD serum and glycolic/salicylic acid. Extended time spent on extractions followed by blue LED light therapy to improve the appearance of oily/congested skin and treat inflammatory acne. This facial leaves you to experience truly exquisite results. Hydrafacial MD Upper Back (60 min) A full 50 minute focus on the upper back. Includes separate patented OnG tip for back use only. ADD ON’S: Britenol Boost Minimizes the appearance of dark spots and sunspots for an even complexion and reduces hyper-pigmentation. DermaBuilder Boost Minimizes signs of aging and recharges skin with a patented combination of peptides will will enhance your skin’s elasticity, improve its texture and tone, and give your skin a firmer appearance. LED Light Therapy LED helps reduce the appearance of redness/sensitive skin and the signs of aging. It also improves the appearance of oily/congested skin, and treats moderate inflammatory acne. 15% or 30% Glycolic/Salicylic treatment This advancement in skin resurfacing technology combines the benefits of aggressive exfoliation and chemical peels into a one-step resurfacing procedure. It blends the HydraFacial MD® Vortex-Fusion™ with dislodging dead skin cell capabilities to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin. HydraFacial In a Nutshell The HydraFacial uses 4 patented technologies to cleanse, peel, extract and hydrate the skin.  A combination of water, antioxidants and skin nourishers (including peptides and hyaluronic acid) are vortex infused into the skin while a vacuum removes toxins, dead skin and impurities. The Hydrafacial includes 4-in-1 technology of Vortex-Cleansing™, HydroPeel® Exfoliation, Vortex-Extraction™, and Vortex-Fusion®. Backed by clinical studies, the Hydrafacial treatment shows better facial rejuvenation results than other rejuvenation procedures, including microdermabrasion and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Photofacials. Specifically, the Hydrafacial treatment was found to stimulate collagen synthesis, decrease inflammation and increase skin antioxidants. Even better, the addition of HydraFacial to other treatments, like IPL Photofacials, improved their results as well! What are you waiting for? All Beleza MedSpa professionals receive the highest level of training from HydraFacial MD directly and are highly experienced in administering HydraFacials. Your nurse or aesthetician can answer any questions you may have about the procedure, help you decide which HydraFacial is best for you, and will customize a treatment plan to meet your needs and desired goals. To add to the fun, Beleza is also offering 25% off all facial services* for students and teachers during the month of August, so don’t miss your chance to save on a HydraFacial this month. To learn more about our August specials, please click here. Certain restrictions apply. Give us a call to book your HydraFacial today, your skin will thank you. 1.800.509.9785 or email  …

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What Botox will do to your expression?

What is Botox? Botox has been around for cosmetic purposes more than 10 years.  It has safely been injected in millions of patients.  Botox is a purified protein that used to relax the muscles of facial expression that cause wrinkles.  Repeated activity of facial muscles will eventually causes lines and wrinkles in the skin.  Botox injected into these muscles causes these wrinkles to not only smooth out, but also to prevent them.  But what will Botox do to your facial expression? What Botox will do to your facial expression. The goal of Botox injections is not to completely freeze the muscles, but to relax them enough to smooth and prevent wrinkles.  So what Botox does to your facial expression is usually good. Relaxing frown lines can make you look less angry and tired.  Botox forehead is used to perform a brow lift.  Botox crow’s-feet can make your eyes look wider.  Botox lips can make your lips poutier.  All of these effects from Botox will make you look younger and more refreshed but still have normal facial expressions. How to get rid of facial wrinkles. The first thing to remember is those wrinkles didn’t form overnight and will not go away overnight either.  Getting rid of wrinkles takes a multi-faceted approach coupled with continued maintenance.  There is no miracle cure that will take care of every wrinkle.  A general understanding of why wrinkles form is needed to properly treat them. What is Collagen? The building block of skin is collagen.  When we are younger we make plenty of collagen and its all in good shape.  As we age, mostly due to sun exposure, our collagen production slows down even to the point of losing collagen.  This loss of collagen causes wrinkles, sagging and generally older looking skin.  The key to treating wrinkles is to identify the factors contributing to loss of collagen and restarting collagen production. A great way to look at getting rid of wrinkles is to imagine the face as a canvas.  The canvas itself is your facial skin.  Things like Botox and Juvederm are the paint.   With a fresh, new canvas, an artist can paint a beautiful picture.  However, starting with a damaged canvas, even the best artist will have difficulty painting on it.  So trying to use Botox and Juvederm to fix wrinkles on sun damaged skin will also not be very effective.  The best first step is to rebuild the canvas, the facial skin, so that Botox and Juvederm can do what they are designed to do. Collagen Stimulation. So how do we restart collagen production?  The cells that produce collagen are in the deep layer of the skin, the dermis.  We must reach them and stimulate them to produce new collagen. There are several ways to do this.  Laser resurfacing is the gold standard and involves a Fractional CO2 laser.  The laser beam penetrates the dermis and directly stimulates the collagen cells.  The heat generated by the laser also causes the upper sun-damaged layer of skin to peel while causing the collagen already present to tighten.  Laser resurfacing produces great results but does have 7 days of recovery. An easier, less aggressive method to stimulate collagen production is microneedling.  Microneedling uses multiple small needles to penetrate into the dermis and directly stimulate the collagen cells.  Performed in-office under local anesthesia and has much less recovery than laser resurfacing.  It is repeated every 6 weeks to get maximum collagen stimulation. Skin Care. Skin care products are also key to stimulate collagen production and keeping it going.  No reason to spend money on expensive procedures and not protect you investment with the right skin care products.  Retin A and other retinols directly stimulates collagen cells to make collagen.  If one product is used, it is Retin a for its anti-aging properties.  There are many other growth factors, peptides and antioxidants that are able to promote and prolong collagen production. Botox and Juvederm. So we have now rebuilt the canvas with collagen stimulation procedures and we are maintaining it with skin care products.  This is a great time to add Botox and Juvederm to our regimen. Botox injections, as we previously discussed, relax the muscles of facial expression causing facial wrinkles.  Juvederm allows us to fix the other major sign of facial aging, volume loss.  Cheeks are refilled, lines smoothed and lips plumped.  The combination of collagen stimulation with Botox and Juvederm, gives you long-lasting results.…

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