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Botox Side Effects

What are the side effects of Botox? Botox has been injected for cosmetic and medical reasons for more than 10 years. Tens of millions of people have been safely and successfully treated with Botox. It has a remarkable safety record.  But like any prescription drug there are complications and side effects. Common Botox Side Effects. The most common Botox side effects actually arise from the injection technique. When a needle is inserted into the skin, there is always a chance of bleeding and bruising.  This should occur rarely but there is always a chance.  The good thing is that bruises clear on their own.  Sometimes there is also a few days of injection site pain. Rare Botox Side Effects. The most dreaded Botox side effect is the droopy eyelid.  This occurs when Botox injections are too close to the upper eyelid.  This relaxes the upper eyelid and causes it to droop.  Though unsightly and annoying, this effect is harmless and resolves on its own in a few months.  Sometimes we can speed up the process using eye drops.  This Botox side effect is very rare with well-trained injectors. Other rare Botox side effects include headaches and double vision that resolve on their own.  There are also chances of allergic reaction and Botox is to be avoided during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Botox side effects long-term. There have been no reported long-term side effects of Botox.  Botox injections are intended to just work where they are injected.  There are no signs of Botox traveling throughout your body (unless injected into a blood vessel). How do I avoid Botox side effects? The best way to avoid Botox side effects is choose a practice that does a high volume of authentic Botox and that has well-trained and experienced injectors. Beleza Medspa is such a practice and has injected Botox for thousands of Austin patients for more than 12 years. Side effects of Botox on the forehead. Some patients have redundant skin on their upper eyelids or heavy brows that can make it harder for them to see.  To compensate for this, they continually contract their forehead muscles to raise their brows and upper eyelids.  Using Botox to relax these patient’s forehead wrinkles results in them having a decreased field of vision. If you are one of these patients, avoid using Botox to relax your forehead. After Botox  How much Botox do I need? How long does Botox last? How much does Botox cost?  …

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