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PRP Injections-PRP Treatment

The beauty term on everyone’s lips: PRP Treatment. The long form of the term is platelet-rich plasma, and it is the newest trend in anti-aging. There are many reasons PRP Injections are so popular right now. It’s natural. Despite the popularity of fillers like Juvederm and Radiesse, there are many people who don’t like to rely on an artificial substance to enhance their look. PRP treatment, unlike fillers, is actually you returning to you. The process is simple. Blood is drawn, spun down to separate, and treated to enhance the calcium content. Then, it is injected into the patient’s face, with a focus on deep wrinkles and trouble spots like the lines around the mouth and eyes. PRP is rich in the building blocks of your skin, and injecting it into the face provides a new base on which your skin can heal and rebuild. PRP Injections Cost: It’s affordable. Whether a patient wants PRP Injections alone or a combination of traditional fillers and PRP, the addition of a PRP does not add a significant amount of cost to the procedure. Because there are no external substances used, the price is not significant in comparison to the value. Although many famous men and women have credited PRP for their youthful look, you don’t have to be a star to be able to afford the treatment. PRP Treatment: It’s long-lasting. Although the effects of PRP are not notable until the 1-3 month point, the effects are extremely long lasting and easily outlast the effects of a traditional hyaluronic acid filler. The reason is simple: rather than just filling in lines with a gel substance, PRP helps your skin rebuild its base and produce collagen in the area. It’s versatile. PRP can be injected under the skin, like a filler. Or, it can be spread over skin that is already perforated, like after a laser resurfacing or microneedling. Either way, it can easily be fit into another procedure and it is beneficial for use during alternate procedures because it accelerates healing, reduces bruising and enhances the effects of other treatments. If your desire is to have a real improvement in the look and feel of your skin, PRP can be paired with multiple treatments, like in the NeoJuvenescence Lift. This procedure, created exclusively by Beleza Medical Spa, combines facial Smart Lipo, fat transfer, Laser Resurfacing and PRP to provide drastic improvement in the look of the face without the unnatural results of a traditional facelift. Often called the “natural” facelift option, patients turn to the NeoJuvenescence Lift for decreased downtime, decrease in scars, use of local over general anesthetic and the natural healing power of PRP. As the last step to the procedure, PRP aids in healing from the Smart Lipo and more importantly, the CO2 Fractional Laser Resurfacing. The truth is, we are only beginning to understand the benefits of PRP and how it can be used to preserve youth and enhance beauty. It is an incredible substance that will likely continue to benefit patients in many ways. PRP Injection Hair…

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A Natural Facelift Alternative Beleza Medspa Austin TX is proud to introduce a new facelift alternative procedure, the NeoJuvenescence Lift. Utilizing the body’s own ability to heal itself, the NeoJuvenescence Lift combines both surgical and nonsurgical procedures to produce natural results. Online PR News – 30-April-2013 – The results of traditional facelift surgery are well known. It’s not hard to figure out who had a facelift, with the unnatural, pulled-back appearance it produces. Even worse, facelifts leave big scars, are expensive and require general anesthesia. Considering the cost, risks and results, the facelift is a procedure that has seen better times. “The traditional facelift like many cosmetic surgery procedures, is out of sync with what patients want in 2013,” reports Beleza Medspa. “Patients do not want to go under, pay exorbitant fees, have big scars and have artificial results,” they report. What if it’s possible to harness the body’s unique ability to heal itself to produce a more natural facelift? The NeoJuvenescence Lift just does that. The Neojuvenescence Lift combines a series of rejuvenation procedures that are on the cutting edge of cosmetic surgery. It utilizes your own fat, stem cells, growth factors and skin cells to do all the work. Combining a series of cutting edge surgical and non-surgical procedures, the NeoJuvenescence Lift restores youthful facial volume and contours while draping freshened and tighter skin over it. “What we noticed over the years performing each of these procedures, is that when we combined them, results were multiplied”, reports Beleza. Performed entirely under local anesthesia with minimal sedation, the NeoJuvenescence Lift is safe and effective. The procedure begins with fat transfer that harvests stem cell rich fat from a donor site. Attention is then turned to the chin and neck area where Smartlipo Liposuction is performed. This phase of the treatment removes double chins, tightens neck skin and reduces the jowls. A blood sample is then drawn to isolate platelet rich plasma (PRP). PRP contains a wealth of natural growth factors that can stimulate stem cells and induce tissue repair. The final phase of the procedure involves  laser resurfacing and facial fat transfer. A CO2 fractional laser is used to remove the upper layer of skin containing visible sun damage as well as providing overall skin tightening. The previously harvested fat is then transferred to the face to rebuild cheek and brow volume and youthful contours. Finally, the PRP is applied throughout the face to stimulate the stem cell differentiation into new cells and induce tissue repair. The results of the NeoJuvenescence Lift are nothing but dramatic. The skin looks tighter and fresher, the cheeks and brow appear fuller while the jawline and chin are better defined. This is all accomplished by using only the body’s ability to repair itself. No artificial fillers, large incisions or general anesthesia is necessary. Just natural results with natural face lift alternative! Beleza Medspa adds, “The Neojuvenescence Lift combines a series of rejuvenation procedures that are on the cutting edge of cosmetic surgery. It utilizes your own fat, stem cells, growth factors and skin cells to do all the work. Our goal is to restore youthful upper facial volume while removing the excess lower facial volume of aging. We also stimulate the skin to rebuild collagen and tighten so it drape better over the new facial contours,” he reports. “Unlike the facelift that just treats the symptoms, the Neojuvenescence Lift actually treats the underlying problems that we see as aging.” The name NeoJuvenescence Lift was chosen quite deliberately to reflect the nature of the procedure. Juvenescence means growing young and Neo is defined as new. So the Neojuvenescence Lift reflect a new ability to grow young! See the Press Release here!…

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