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Most Common Cosmetic Dermatologic Procedures

ASDS Consumer Cosmetic Dermatologic Procedure Survey Recently, the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery released their consumer survey of Cosmetic Dermatologic procedures.   There were many interesting findings why patients were seeking such procedures and what procedures they were looking for. Who influenced these consumers regarding their procedures? Surprisingly, while 50% of these consumers listed their Dermatologist as the most important, more than 40% listed their friends and more than 30% listed their primary care physician.  This indicates the importance of referrals from friends and families as well as the importance of other physician specialties in the recommendation of cosmetic procedures. Why are consumers exploring cosmetic dermatologic procedures? These finding were very interesting and also not surprising.  Consumer comments included “I want to feel more confident”, “I want to appear more attractive”, and “I want to look as young as I feel or better than my age”.  These are common refrains that we hear from our patients at Beleza Medspa.  When asked for reasons why they are waiting for such procedures they commented “Cost”, “May be painful” and “May not get the results I am looking for”.  Beleza medspa tries to reduce such concerns by offering specials and deals, less invasive and painful procedures and by trying to offer only procedures that are proven to be clinically effective. What are consumers bothered by? Again, these findings were interesting and not surprising.  The top body concerns were: “Excess weight on any part of the body”, “Line and wrinkles under the eyes”, “Excess fat under the chin/neck” and “Skin texture and or discoloration”.  Beleza Medspa offers solutions for all of these concerns including to lose fat, for eye wrinkles, double chins and skin texture and pigment problems. What are the most common Cosmetic Dermatologic Procedures? The most popular procedures included body sculpting, treatments to tighten skin or smooth wrinkles using ultrasound, laser, light, or radiofrequency, microdermabrasion and laser hair removal.  Beleza Medspa offers Liposuction and Coolsculpting, Ultherapy, Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing, ThermiVa and Hydrafacials (replacing microdermabrasion). Which procedures did consumers find the most satisfying? Consumers rated the following procedures as most satisfying: injectable wrinkle relaxers and fillers, body sculpting,  laser and light treatments for redness, tone or scars, laser tattoo removal, vein treatments and chemical peels.  Beleza Medspa offers many of these procedures including Botox, Xeomin and Juvederm, Coolsculpting and Liposuction, IPL Photofacials, Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing, Sclerotherapy and Chemical Peels. How much do consumers pay for skin care? Almost 80% of Consumers reported spending up to $100 a month on skin care products and more than half would prefer to pay more up front to lower their costs annually.  Beleza Medspa has several programs designed specifically to lower the costs for regular skin care including the Beleza Babe Vip Program and the Fresh Skin Club.…

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Weight Loss Diet

Medical Weight Loss Diet Austin How to Lose Weight? Losing weight is a challenge that takes personal motivation and hard work. For those looking for solutions on how to lose weight in Austin, there are several different avenues that can be pursued. From working with a personal trainer to modifying one’s diet to incorporate healthier eating habits, losing weight is made easier by embracing several different lifestyle changes. Use the following simple keys to make the weight loss in Austin journey as easy as possible. Following an Exercise Routine Exercise plays a crucial role in the weight loss journey, burning calories that could otherwise remain unused. There are a wide assortment of different exercise options available to Austin residents, including many outdoor activities, such as hiking and cycling. Pursuing one of the exercise regimes and making regular activity a priority will help anyone looking to lose weight. When looking to lose weight, personal trainers can be useful for helping to develop specialized exercise routines. Many people also choose to partner with a friend or exercise buddy, who can help provide support and keep them accountable for decisions they make. Many studies have suggested that the support and encouragement of others can have a drastic impact on the success of one’s long term weight management attempts. Weight Loss Diet Dietary Changes and Modifications An exercise routine that does not incorporate dietary adjustments is less likely to promote weight loss. Those who eat large amounts of fats and sugars will want to eradicate unhealthy foods from their diet, instead choosing fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. Whole grains also make a healthy addition to the human diet, along with providing fiber that helps keep the body feeling full longer. For those who do not feel comfortable making dietary changes on their own, it may be smart to work with a dietician for a weight loss diet. Dietary professionals can help advise individuals who are looking to lose weight, taking allergies, dietary restrictions, and other factors into consideration. Other resources that can be consulted include textbooks and health publications, which can provide insight that will guide one’s health decisions in the right direction. Best Weight Loss Individuals who are looking for weight loss in Austin techniques have a myriad of resources and tools available to them. While losing weight can be a trying process, taking advantage of these tools can help keep dieters on the right track. The ultimate results of a weight loss journey will make the effort of exercising and following a healthy diet well worth the investment.  So what is the best weight loss?  The best weight loss is ultimately the plan that works for you to keep the pounds off. Weight Loss Austin Program at Beleza Medspa…

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