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Liposuction 360

What is Liposuction? Basically, liposuction is the suctioning of excess fat from the body.  But that is an over simplification of what liposuction really is.  Liposuction is actually an artistic, body sculpting procedure designed to produce more aesthetically pleasing body contours.  The surgeon uses the liposuction instruments to carefully and skillfully remove excess fat to reveal new curves and profiles.  So, in the pursuit of liposuction results, the creative and artistic abilities of the surgeon are as important as their training. What is Liposuction 360? Like most sculptures, the body is 3 dimensional.  This means that treating one area, actually requires treating the neighboring areas to produce the best results.  For instance, let’s look at the waist.  You could just treat the abdomen and get a smaller waist.  But to really get the smaller, tighter waist (snatched), one would also need to treat the love handles and the back too.  This all-around liposuction, or liposuction 360 (lipo 360) will give the patient the results possible. So liposuction 360 involves circular liposuction around the body areas treated.  Liposuction 360 is critical in areas like the waist, arms and thighs, where the fat is contained in tight compartments.  The thing to know about these areas, is that the fat and the skin are all connected.  Best results require treating all the connected areas.  Removing fat from an area completely opposite the area that you are interested in, can produce even better results! How Does Liposuction 360 Work? As we mentioned above, liposuction 360 is critical for best results in areas like the arms, waist and thighs.  What do these areas have in common?  They are all basically closed compartments, tightly connected to each other.  As a result, removing fat with liposuction and inducing skin tightening, will produce results in the entire compartment.  For example, removing back and love handle fat, will produce a tighter waist on the opposite side, the abdomen.  Once you and more importantly, your surgeon understand liposuction 360, your liposuction results can be unlimited.  …

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