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Fraxel Laser Austin

What is Fraxel Laser? Fraxel Laser is a form of laser resurfacing and skin tightening using a fractional CO2 laser.   The laser beam is split into thousand of little dots that are used to perforate the skin (fractional laser).  This causes the upper layer of skin where discoloration, roughness and fine lines are present,  to peel off in 3-4 days.  This leaves a shiny, new fresh upper layer of skin that alone will take years off the face.  The fraxel laser also introduces a great deal of heat into the lower layer of skin where collagen is made.  Collagen is the building block of skin.  The heat stimulates the skin cells  to make new collagen and leads to skin tightening starting 3-4 weeks after the procedure.  This skin tightening will go for months and can be aided by the use of retinoids and growth factors. Is laser resurfacing safe? Does it hurt? By splitting the laser beam into scattered dots, the old, untreated skin is maintained between the dots.  This old skin acts as a natural band-aid that stays on until the new skin is ready to emerge.  As a result, the risks of infection and scarring is greatly reduced.  It is an intense procedure and we apply topical anesthetic cream 45 minutes before the procedure.  After the procedure your skin is cooled with cold, wet soaks.  You will continue a specific skin care regimen at home for several weeks. What is the laser resurfacing downtime? There will be several days of redness and swelling until the skin peels.  After the skin has peeled, the skin will be pink for up to a week .   It will be necessary to keep the skin moist with the products we provide as it heals.  We will also prescribe several oral medications including pain medication to help with your recovery.  Sun exposure must be strictly avoided after the procedure. Is fraxel laser the best choice for me? Bang for your buck, laser skin resurfacing is the best treatment to remove sun damage and tighten skin.  There are other procedures with less downtime like the Microneedling, chemical peels and photofacials.  A free consultation is required to determine which procedure is best for you. What else can Fraxel laser treat? Acne scars are very troubling for many people and difficult to treat.  They consist of damage in the deep, dermal layer of the skin.  Surface treatments are ineffective. Laser resurfacing offers the ability to remove the upper layers of skin and introduce heat into the dermal layer.  The heat stimulates skin cells in the dermis to make collagen and remodel the collagen present.   This can lead to softening of the acne scars and multiple treatments are often required.…

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