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Microneedling Before and After.

I had the pleasure of having my first ever Microneedling with PRP procedure this summer. I wanted to take a moment to harp on how amazing this experience was for my skin care goals. If you’re curious about having this procedure, take a moment to read about my experience. I was blown away by the microneedling results and truly believe this procedure can do wonders on almost every skin type.  Check out my microneedling before and afters! Microneedling with PRP Preparation I have to say, I was pretty nervous going into this procedure. I have filmed Microneedling with PRP over a dozen times, so I felt like I had a pretty good grasp on how it works. The only thing I wasn’t sure about was the pain level. Every patient I had ever filmed remained calm while filming and all looked as though they were actually enjoying the procedure. I started to wonder if it hurt at all. I recruited Beleza expert injector and aesthetician, Emily Stimson, to administer my procedure who, in my humble opinion, is a MicroPen Master. When I arrived at Beleza in Cedar Park to undergo this procedure, Emily immediately began applying numbing cream to my face and explained how important the numbing cream is for microneedling — my nerves definitely grew stronger at this point. The numbing cream needs about 20-25 minutes to kick in (and we weren’t starting even 1 minute early). During that time, Emily drew my blood for the PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma. If you have a tendency to get queasy from having your blood drawn, rest assured this is a cakewalk compared to most vials. This is a TINY vial. It takes about 30 seconds for it to fill up. From there, the vial is placed into a centrifuge where it spins for 30 minutes. The centrifuge is a vital part of this procedure because it activates your blood cells and forces them to separate and release growth factors. This part of your blood is called PRP. We can use the growth factors in the PRP for cosmetic purposes to trigger your body’s repair mechanisms for skin rejuvenation. MICRONEEDLING PROCEDURE Once Emily had the syringes loaded with my body’s PRP, it was time to remove the numbing cream (gulp). By this time, I was definitely numb, but of course still nervous about the pain. Emily cleaned my face to remove the numbing cream and then applied the MicroGlide Hyaluronic Acid and the PRP to the skin. Here we go, time to microneedle! I was pleasantly surprised at the low about of pain for this procedure. You definitely can feel it, and some areas are more sensitive than others, but this procedure was a piece of cake! Anyone should be able to tolerate the pain from microneedling, if you even want to call it “pain”. Emily worked in small 1-2 inch sections. She would apply the MicroGlide and PRP on to each section and then microneedle over the 1-2 inch sections. The PRP dries so fast, so she was careful to not microneedle over a dry area. She started with my cheeks, then my chin, then the nose (which tickled SO much), then forehead, and then finished on my neck. It was over before I knew it. On a scale of 1-10, (10 being the most amount of pain), I would say there were a few areas that got up to a 6 on the pain level, but they only lasted for about a minute. The majority of the time I felt like the pain level was between a 3-4. Injections during a Microneedling with PRP treatment? The biggest myth about this procedure is that your own blood is injected into your skin. This is so false! There are no injections during this procedure. Should you want to go with a Microneedling with PRP (which includes a syringe of Voluma), or should you want to inject your PRP into the dermis of your skin, then yes, there would be injections. But, for a standard Microneedling with PRP) there are no injections. The PRP is simply applied onto your skin and then your provider performs microneedling over the PRP. After Microneedling with PRP Following my procedure, I followed Emily’s instructions very carefully to ensure I would have the best results. Beleza also provides take-home instructions for every patient, so you don’t have to worry about your post care. I was instructed to wait at least 4 hours before washing the PRP off my face, I ended up waiting 6 hours just because I didn’t have any reason to wash my face. I applied Hyaluronic Acid every hour during that 6 hours. After 6 hours, I washed my face using Elta MD’s Foaming Facial Cleanser with cool  water and then applied more Hyaluronic Acid and went to bed. It is important not to use sunscreen for at least 48 hours following your procedure. If you need to be outdoors, be sure to bring a hat or scarf. I continued this regime night and day for 2 days. At the end of the second day, I began to use SkinMedica’s TNS Recovery Complex, SkinMedica’s HA5, and Elta MD facial sunscreen, only…

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Found in the connective tissue of animals, especially vertebrates, collagen is a group of proteins that  are naturally found in the body. Collagen serves multiple functions for humans, including being the basis for connective and fibrous tissues. At Beleza, most of the focus on collagen is centered on its’ role in skin elasticity and firmness. Collagen serves as the structural support for skin, so as we age, this structure decreases. With time, age and collagen breakdown, skin looses firmness and the ability to bounce back when pulled or stretched. This loss of structure and elasticity allows gravity to take its toll and pull the fatty tissue and skin in the face downward. Wrinkles from expressions begin to linger after the expression is gone and both deep and fine lines appear. Collagen is almost 90% of our skin’s dermis, so the change in the appearance of skin can be dramatic when collagen starts to fade. Around the age of thirty, collagen production in the skin decreases at an average rate of 1% a year. During the next several decades, the slowdown is even more dramatic. So, what do we do to prevent or slow down this collagen breakdown? Some of the factors are environmental and genetic; if your parents and grandparents showed their ages prematurely, it is likely that you will, too. To delay the onset of wrinkles and loss of firmness as long as possible, a few steps can be taken. First, sunscreen. We probably sound like a broken record at this point, but there is nothing better you can do for your skin that slather on sunscreen every single day, and reapply when sweat or swimming is involved. Amp up your protection with sunglasses to shield the delicate skin around the eyes and a wide brimmed hat to provide shade on the face, neck and chest. Second, never forget your antioxidants. Vitamin C and E protect your skin against free radicals and help to rebuild collagen. When you apply skincare products to a clean and dry face, apply them thickest to thinnest; this usually means your Vitamin C and E (generally supplied in the form of a serum) will be applied underneath your thicker lotions and creams. Third, use a retinol. Beleza provides prescriptions for a personalized blend of hydraquinone and retinol, which can produce a drastic difference in skin pigmentation and help to increase collagen production when applied nightly.…

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