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Liquid Facelift Austin TX

What is the Liquid Facelift? The traditional facelift has lost favor with many people.  The expense, risk, pain, downtime as well as the artificial results just don’t cut it with modern consumers.  Savvy patients are now looking for easier facelift alternatives that are safe and convenient.   They also require little to no downtime as well as reasonable prices.  Most importantly, they demand immediate results.    The liquid facelift Austin TX may be the procedure they are looking for. Based on the use of Botox and Juvederm, the liquid facelift concentrates on the use of injectables to improve facial appearance.   The good thing is that these procedures have been performed tens of millions of times and have a remarkable safety record.  They require a short office visit and have little to no downtime.  Their prices have been driven down by competition and their results are evident in a short time. Botox and fillers are used to relax wrinkles and tension lines throughout the face as well as restore lost volume.  Their combination use allows for even greater results as their effects complement each other.  Even better they can be repeated as needed allowing maintenance of the face as it ages. Botox Injections Botox is the neurotoxin that has been around more than 10 years with a proven safety record.  Its judicious use to relax facial muscles that cause wrinkles and cannot be replicated by other treatments. Botox is the foundation of the liquid facelift as it allows facial fillers to work better to fill lines.  Botox can even be used to gently alter the facial muscle dynamics to lift the brow.  Botox is injected painlessly with very small needles and takes 1-2 days to work and 1-2 weeks to see full effect. Facial Fillers The other mainstay of the liquid facelift is the use of facial fillers.   Facial fillers like Juvederm, are used to fill lines and wrinkles as well as restore lost facial volume.  They consist of hyaluronic acid, which is a natural building block of skin.  They are injected to smooth lines like laugh lines as well as to rebuild cheeks, temples and chins.   They require topical anesthesia and can have some swelling, bruising and redness after the procedure.  There results are immediately evident and facial fillers like Juvederm Voluma can last up to 2 years. Is the Liquid Facelift For Me? The good thing is that almost all patients can be helped with Botox and facial fillers.  However, every patient is different and there are different degrees of facial aging.  A consultation is required to determine if the liquid facelift is the best treatment for you.  Patients with more advanced aging may require complementary procedures like IPL Photofacials or CO2 Fractional Laser Resurfacing before the liquid facelift.…

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Are You Curious about Facial Fillers or Dermal Fillers? Facial fillers originally evolved as collagen injections.  Fillers for the face focused on smoothing major lines like the laugh lines.  Since then, our understanding of facial anatomy and aging has progressed.  We now understand that aging is more than just lines and wrinkles, but a matter of overall facial volume loss.  As we age we begin to lose fat, muscle and bone in our faces.  This is in addition to the loss of elasticity of our skin.  As as result, not only do we lose volume in our brows and cheeks, but the remaining volume begins to shift downward. Looking at a youthful face, we see most of the volume is in the upper face in the brow and cheeks.  We call this the upside down triangle.  When we look at the aged face, we notice the volume has been lost in the brow and cheeks and has shifted towards the jawline with jowling.  The triangle has been turned right side up! Dermal Fillers So our goal in facial volume restoration with face fillers is to restore some of this upper face fullness.  This will give you far more bang for the buck than just smoothing lines and wrinkles.  Dermal fillers used to fill the brow and cheeks restore youthful appearance far more than filling smile lines. Juvederm We also have many facial fillers to choose from now.  They have progressed to safer and less painful forms with the addition of local anesthetics.  There are the hyaluronic fillers like Juvederm and Restylane which are based on a natural building block of the skin.  They can be used virtually anywhere on the face and can last up to a year.  There are stimulatory synthetic dermal fillers like Radiesse.  Radiesse actually stimulates your own collagen growth and can last over a year.  The ultimate filler for the face is your own fat!  Fat transfer now offers the ability to harvest live fat cells and transfer them to your face.  These are your own cells and are very safe.  Fat is also rich with stem cells that offer the potential for even more rejuvenation.  We can now couple fat transfer with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) or Microneedling with PRP Facelift, to add growth factors that further stimulate stem cell growth and rejuvenation. Microcannulas The other limiting factor with facial fillers has been the need for multiple injections.  Not only is this painful, but each needle stick can cause bleeding and bruising.  We now possess new techniques with microcannulas.  These are blunt, long thin tubes that allow us to inject the dermal fillers through a single injection site.  The comfort and safety of these microcannulas is changing our use of facial fillers. The future of face fillers appears to be moving towards fat transfer and stem cells.  The dermal fillers offer a quicker alternative and are preferred for smoothing lines and wrinkles.  Fat doesn’t have the stiffness necessary to smooth most deep wrinkles, but it is great at overall volume replacement.  If you are interested in facial fillers please come in for a free consultation.  We can discuss your needs as well as all the options available. The injectors at Beleza Medspa are experts at all types of facial fillers.…

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