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Celebrate Filler Friday at Beleza Medspa

Come celebrate Filler Friday at Beleza Medspa where you can receive $50 off on Juvederm, Radiesse, Restylene, or Perlane. In order to better serve our patients and help them to look their best, we’re offering special deals on the best gel fillers available on the market today! Juvederm Juvederm is smooth gel filler that adds volume in the cheeks, cheekbones, and chin, giving you a much younger and vibrant look. Juvederm helps restore the contours in your face, and after one treatment, you can expect to see amazing results that last for at least one year. The filler is also formulated with lidocane, which is an anesthetic for the patient’s comfort during the procedure. It can also help smooth away the wrinkles around your mouth and nose, giving you a much younger look. Doctors say that it’s safe cosmetic filler that helps restore fullness in your skin (mostly in the facial area). During the procedure, the doctor injects Juvederm under your skin to help smooth away the wrinkles. After the injections, patients can return to their normal activities the same day. Following the treatment, you may experience some redness, swelling, or bruising in the treated areas, however, it lasts for only one week. Radiesse The Radiesse filler is also perfect for treating deep wrinkles and lines on the facial area. As people age, the natural support structures, including collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid tend to fade over the years, resulting in lines and wrinkles in the most noticeable areas of the face. The filler is formulated with a gel and calcium microspheres. The gel acts as a filler, and the microspheres stimulate your skin to start producing collagen. Patients see immediate results after the procedure, and the filler continues to stimulate collagen production to help restore a more youthful appearance for several months afterward. Since Raidesse has a thicker consistency than other types of gels (like Juvederm and others), it offers a great solution for erasing lines and wrinkles on your face. Restylene Much like the Juvederm and Radiesse fillers, Restylene injections are ideal for adding fullness to your skin. Since the filler contains a hyaluronic gel, it acts as a natural building block to help restore the natural and youthful appearance of your skin. It consists of a hyaluronic acid gel which is a natural building block of the skin. It’s safe, and can be used to smooth out the wrinkles in several different areas of your face, including the laugh lines around your eyes. Much like BOTOX, it’s also a popular procedure for adding fullness to your lips. Perlane Also consisting of hyaluronic acid, Perlane acts as a building block for the skin. This soft, gel-like substance works as a natural filler for enhancing your lips, as well as the small lines on your face. As a natural filler, Perlane can also be used to restore the contours of your face, giving you a more youthful appearance. As the elastic and rejuvenating qualities of your skin break down, Perlane injections help restore these qualities over time. You can also receive treatments under your eyes and lips. All treatments listed above typically last up to 18 months, and Beleza Medspa are experts when it comes to injection treatments and other cosmetic procedures.…

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Restore Lost Cheek Volume with Juvederm Voluma. The Aging Face As we age, we tend to focus on the easily visible signs of aging like wrinkles and brown spots. However, we tend to overlook the most tell-tale sign of aging, loss of facial volume.  Not only does the skin thin and sag with time, but we actually start to lose fat, muscle and bone in our faces.  This leads to dramatic changes in the appearance of our brows and temples, cheeks and chins.  This loss of volume, more than anything else causes us to have an older looking face. Restoring Facial Volume Thankfully, rejuvenation of the aging face has progressed from more than filling in wrinkles.  We have known for years that restoration of facial volume in the cheeks, brow and chin is the key to facial rejuvenation.   Our tool box currently includes dermal fillers like the hyaluronic acid Juvederm and Radiesse and facial fat transfer.  We are now introducing Juvederm Voluma for such purposes.  JUVÉDERM VOLUMA™ XC is indicated for deep  injection for cheek augmentation to correct age-related volume deficit in the mid-face in adults over the age of 21. What is Juvederm Voluma XC? You may be familiar with Juvederm XC which is a very popular dermal filler.  It consists of hyaluronic acid which is a natural building block of skin.  It has a great safety record and is used to smooth lines and restore volume throughout the face.  Juvederm Voluma is a hyaluronic acid filler treated with Vycross technology.  This cross links the hyaluronic acid particles which make the filler smoother and longer lasting.  In fact it has been shown to last up to two years! How is Juvederm Voluma Used? Like other dermal fillers, Juvederm Voluma is injected using a small needle.  The site is numbed before the injection with a topical anesthetic.  Juvederm Voluma also contains the local anesthetic lidocaine which will produce a relatively painless procedure.  Every patient is different and your injector will indicate where on your cheeks the volume loss is most evident.  The Juvederm Voluma is injected deeply below the skin, close to the bone.  It then can be shaped to match the contours of your face using gentle massage. How Long Does Juvederm Voluma Last? The initial studies have indicated that most of the Juvederm Voluma Cheeks patients will require a touch up at the one month mark.  After this touch up, the cross linked hyaluronic acid produced by the Vycross technology has been shown to still be evident up to two years.  During this time the hyaluronic acid is gradually broken down by the body.  It is important to note, that during this time we will continue to age and further lose more volume.  So volume replacement is a procedure that requires occasional maintenance. More Juvederm Austin Info Microcannula Technique at Beleza Medspa…

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Did you see Kim Kardashian have the Microneedling with PRP Facelift? Recently on her reality show, Kim Kardashian had a Microneedling with PRP Facelift performed.  The pictures she released were dramatic and caused quite a stir.  Reactions ranged from shock to curiosity.  So what exactly did Kim have done?  What is Microneedling with PRP Facelift?  Why did her face look like that? The Microneedling with PRP Facelift. The Microneedling with PRP Facelift is a cosmetic dermatology procedure that combines a dermal filler with platelet rich plasma (PRP).   PRP is prepared by obtaining a blood sample and separating the platelets from the blood.  The platelets are then activated to release their growth factors.  These growth factors attract new cells, repair damage and stimulate new tissue growth.  A dermal filler like Juvederm or Radiesse is combined with PRP to provide volume. The combination of the facial filler and PRP leads to rejuvenation of the skin and improved appearance.  Although it has a scary name, the Microneedling with PRP Facelift, is a safe and natural treatment. Why does her face look like that? The Microneedling with PRP Facelift is usually administered with several injections.  It has the same side effects of any cosmetic injections like swelling, redness and bruising.   Kim had another type of PRP injection performed.  She had microneedling or Dermapen used to make small perforations in the skin. The PRP was then placed on the surface of her skin to be absorbed through the perforations. This gave Kim’s face the bloody appearance you see in the pictures! So who is the Microneedling with PRP Facelift for? Kim is young at 32 and appears to have good skin.  Since it is a rejuvenation procedure, the Microneedling with PRP Facelift is ideal for aging skin and/or those with advanced sun damage.  The PRP injections can be performed alone, added to a filler as in the Microneedling with PRP Facelift, added to a fat transfer procedure or added after DOT laser therapy.  These procedures can be combined depending on the individualized needs of the patient. What is Microneedling with PRP Facelift Cost? The Microneedling with PRP Facelift not only uses your own PRP, but includes a syringe of dermal filler. Depending on the filler used and the amount of PRP prepared, the Microneedling with PRP Facelift cost runs between $1200-$1500. Make your Free Consultation now to discuss the Microneedling with PRP Facelift or learn more here. …

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