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Botox Price at Beleza MedSpa

So How Much Should Botox Cost? There is only one maker of genuine Botox in the world: Allergan.  The price that doctors pay for Botox is the same.  Some high volume practice like Beleza Medspa receive discounts that allow them to offer many Botox specials.  The cost of the Botox and the overhead to inject it determines the Botox Price.  This includes the salaries of the staff, facility costs, supplies, insurance and marketing.  So as you can see the profit margin for Botox Injections is not great. However, there is a black market for Botox Cosmetic and many practices can obtain it from Canada, China, etc.  This is illegal and the authenticity and safety of illegally obtained Botox is not guaranteed.  Botox deals that look too good to be true is a way to spot such practices.  If the Botox price is more than 50% less than usual Botox Austin prices, it is likely that the Botox they are offering is from an illegal source. Botox Price List. You should shop for your Botox by the price per unit.   The effectiveness and longevity of Botox Injections depends on the units of Botox injected.  If you buy Botox by the area, you have no idea how many units you received.  Remember a full half of the Botox Price is set by Allergan.  The other half of the price is determined by who is injecting it and the facility where it is injected.  So shopping for Botox prices should take into account the experience and training of the injectors and what else the practice has to offer you. Botox Cost at Beleza Medspa Beleza Medspa has injected Botox and Juvederm for more than 12 years and has advanced knowledge of facial aesthetics and cosmetic dermatology.  Beleza staff are skilled in microcannula injections, facial fat transfers, CO2 Laser Resurfacing and advanced injection techniques. Beleza personally trains, certifies and supervises all of his injectors.  All Beleza injectors receive monthly advanced injection training.  Beleza physicians and nurse practitioners are always available to handle any Botox side effects. The Botox Cost at Beleza Medspa doesn’t only include a well-trained and experienced injector, but access to many other procedures to enhance your Botox injections. This includes dermal fillers like Juvederm Voluma to restore facial volume, microneedling, Hydrafacials, IPL photofacials, Time Machine, Microneedling, Ultherapy, and skin care products to improve your overall skin health.  You also have access to the Fresh Skin Club, Essential Packages and Beleza Babe VIP membership.  So your Botox Cost at Beleza Medspa has much added value! How Much Botox Do I Need?…

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