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Body Fat-Belly Fat

What is Belly Fat from? Stress, over availability of fatty foods and lack of sleep or exercise can all contribute to the development of belly fat, a type of body fat concentrated on the abdomen and frustrating to eliminate. For many, stomach fat is the “stubborn” fat that even a good diet and exercise can’t remove. Some face the issue later in life when the metabolism suddenly slows and some face it sooner, when a stressful lifestyle contributes to a physical change in the body. Is Belly Fat Dangerous? Belly fat can be an indication of a dangerous underlying condition that stores fat around the vital organs (visceral fat) when the normal fat cells are full and stretched to the max. Even if a patient is not experiencing this visceral fat buildup, it can be aesthetically displeasing to have an excess of stomach fat, especially for individuals who lead an otherwise active and fit lifestyle.  Visceral fat is dangerous as it lead to insulin resistance and many diseases such as diabetes and high cholesterol.  This type of body fat is critical to start losing. How Do We Lose Belly Fat? It depends on the belly fat that you have.  Internal belly fat that is not pinchable, like a beer belly, can only be reduced with diet and exercise.  Subcutaneous or pinchable belly fat has several options for reduction and removal.  Beleza Medspa has several Weight Loss Diets to help you. SmartLipo Liposuction One option for dealing with this excess in stomach fat is Smart Lipo, which utilizes a local anesthetic and a light sedative to eliminate the chance of discomfort during surgery but allows the patient to remain awake during the surgery and recover in the comfort of his or her own home.  Smart Lipo is considered by many to be a better option than traditional liposuction because it not only removes fat, but allows for body contouring too. The downtime is also very favorable; many patients get the surgery on Friday afternoon and return to work the following Monday. For patients of traditional liposuction, the time out can be much more extensive. Coolsculpting With very few non-invasive options, patients with stomach fat who don’t want to “go under the knife” are pretty limited. The best option for dealing with stubborn stomach fat without incisions, stitches or downtime is Coolsculpting, a fat freezing technology that freezes fat cells, causing them to die. After the treatment and for the next 8-12 months, you body naturally processes the dead cells, leading to a reduction in fat in the treated area. Stomach fat is treatable and there is no need to live with it, regardless of whether or not it is affecting your health. Both Smart Lipo and Coolsculpting allow us to help you get your ideal shape by strategically eliminating fat in undesirable areas. Plus, patients often find themselves more motivated to adopt a healthier lifestyle after an investment in their appearance, only adding to the success of the surgery.…

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How to Lose Belly Fat.

Losing Belly Fat Depends on the Type of Fat Lots of us have it.  Annoying belly fat that ruins our appearance and saps our self-esteem.  But when we look around, we can see that there are many types of belly fat.  There are those with beer bellies, large, protuberant abdomens that almost mimic pregnancy.  On the other end of the spectrum, are those with small rolls that hang over the belt line.   Then in between, we see those with loose skin and belly fat.  Just as the types of belly fat differ, the significance and treatment of each varies also. The Beer Belly or Visceral Fat. The worst type of belly fat to have is the beer belly.  It’s name is derived from men who consume large amounts of alcohol.  Beer tends to be rich in excess amounts of empty calories.  It is not only cosmetically displeasing, but the health consequences of this type of fat are very significant.  When you look at this type of belly fat you will notice that only a small amount of fat is found under the surface of the skin.  This is because the vast majority of this fat is contained inside of the abdomen itself and is known as visceral fat.  Visceral fat is a very  dangerous fat to have in excess.  It is very biologically active and has many ill effects on the body to include insulin resistance and diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.  Unfortunately this fat is not accessible with surgery or other noninvasive procedures.  It only responds to a medical weight loss diet and exercise.   It is critical to loose weight to prevent the health consequences of excess visceral fat. As the weight is lost, the cosmetic concerns can also be addressed. Pinchable (Subcutaneous) Belly Fat. In contrast to beer bellies, are those with significant pinchable layers (subcutaneous) of belly fat. Although less dangerous than visceral fat, this type of fat still has negative impacts on health and appearance.   This type of fat responds not only to weight loss and exercise, but also surgical and noninvasive procedures.  Liposuction is ideal to remove this fat as well as sculpt its shape to accentuate natural body curves.   Liposuction alternative procedures like Coolsculpting can freeze this fat layer for long-lasting reduction. Loose Skin and Belly Fat. Further complicating belly fat for many women is loose skin.  In fact, the belly fat gives the loose skin support and removing it can worsen the skin laxity.  In these situations, another modality must be introduced to deal with the loose skin.  Heat can be added either internally via laser liposuction or from the outside (Venus Freeze) to induce skin tightening.  Heat can deliver a good amount of tightening without large incisions.  But in many patients, the amount of excess skin exceeds the capability of the laser or other heating devices.   These cases require excision of excess skin via a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty.  Liposuction and heat can be combined with a tummy tuck for optimal results. Do I need liposuction or a tummy tuck? …

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