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Looking for a Weight Loss Clinic in Austin? Are you in shape for 2018? If not, there is still time to get the body you want before another year passes by. The answer is simple. Go to the people you already trust for your aesthetic needs – Beleza Medical Spa. Beleza offers the Austin weight loss program known as Medical Weight Loss, and under the supervision of Beleza staff, patients lose significant weight in one 40-day cycle on the program. Once considered a fad diet, the Medical Weight Loss Diet has, through the test of time, proven to be an ideal option for individuals who want to lose weight quickly without negative side effects like muscle loss, extreme weakness and hunger and the fear of damaging normal metabolic rates. It seems too good to be true, but the proof is in our patients! It works simply, and it starts with a commitment. Because the basis of the program is a very low-calorie diet, the ideal Austin weight loss patient would be someone who is ready to break the food addiction and commit to a long-term healthier relationship with food.  No weight loss pills needed! Austin Weight Loss Clinic Austin TX So you have a commitment and you’re ready for a change. The next step is the medical weight loss diet. Administered in a cream form and combined with a very low-calorie diet, the medical weight loss program allows patients to operate at a normal energy level despite a drastic reduction in caloric consumption in both men and women. The argument for some Austin weight loss seekers is that anyone would lose weight on a 500-calorie-a-day diet. It’s true! But along with a minimal fat loss, you’ll lose muscle, energy, and health. Weight Loss Austin Fad diets are risky and supplements that are not approved by a doctor are not a good choice. Beleza’s physician supervised Weight Loss Austin Clinic is not too good to be true, because it works time and again for our Austin weight loss patients. Learn more about the program and get a free consultation at the Medical Weight Loss Clinic. Austin Weight Loss Round Rock Beleza Medspa has been helping Round Rock Weight Loss patients for more than 10 years.  We have successfully helped hundreds of patients lose thousands of pounds.  Visit our Austin Weight Loss Round Rock location to start your weight loss journey.…

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Best Austin Weight Loss Diet*

Are you looking for a Austin Weight Loss Clinic? A new year brings new resolutions.  Many of us want and need to lose weight.  However, this is very difficult to do on your own.  Weight Loss Clinics exist to assist with this undertaking. Weight Loss Diet Weight loss is 95%+ diet.  Exercise is for weight maintenance not weight loss.  In fact, patients who exercise and try to lose weight, end up gaining weight.  So changing your diet is the key to weight loss.  No permanent change in diet, no permanent change in weight.  The weight loss diet cannot be temporary.  It must be a fundamental change in the way you eat and your approach to food.  This is the hard part.  You must undo years of bad eating and the influences of the big food companies.  It is not easy, but it is very doable! Best Weight Loss What is the best weight loss diet?  Knowledge!  The more you understand about what food is and how it affects you, the more weight you will lose.  Beleza Medspa’s Medical Weight Loss Program does just that.  The first fact to understand is that every pound of fat you need to lose contains 3500 calories.  So if you need to lose 10 pounds, you must be negative 35,000 calories to do so.   Even if your calorie intake is perfectly matched to what your body needs everyday, you will never lose a pound.  You must go through a period of calorie restriction to lose the weight and reset your metabolism.  Once you get to where you need to be, the calorie restriction can be eased. The other important weight loss concept to understand is what food is.  Food consists of 3 main nutrients, carbohydrates, protein and fats.  Food is there simply to fuel your body.  Understanding how these nutrients fuel your body is critical.  If you are obese,  you have plenty of stored fat to run your body.  So during a restricted calorie diet, our goal is to use your stored fat for fuel to promote weight loss.  It is also important to uncouple your eating from bad habits, boredom and depression.  Food does not help these things.  Eating to try to help these things will make you fat. Keto Diet Once you lose the weight, we want to keep it off.  This is where your knowledge of the main food nutrients comes in.  Most of us become obese by eating too many carbohydrates.  When you eat too many carbs, your body not only doesn’t burn your fat stores, it make more fat!  So ultimately to keep the weight off, your diet must be heavy on fats and protein, and low on carbohydrates.  This will shift your body into burning fat and maintaining your weight.  This is also known as the Keto Diet. Austin Weight Loss Clinic Beleza’s physician-supervised Medical Weight Loss Diet program is designed to provide you with real, sustainable weight loss.  In a 6 week program, you will safely lose significant weight.  More importantly, you will be equipped with the nutritional skills and knowledge to keep the weight off and help those around you.  It takes commitment, but once you get going you will never look back.  Let us help you get started with a free consultation.

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How to Lose Weight & Keep it Off!

Medical Weight Loss at Beleza Medspa Austin Losing weight is probably the most difficult challenge many of us will face in life.   The evidence is clear that obesity is detrimental to your health and will shorten your life.  We all know that we need to eat less and better foods, but why is it so hard to accomplish this?  Why is it so hard to keep it off if we do lose the weight?  Well, we are up against our evolution, poor eating habits passed down from our families, a food system that turns out cheap nutritionally deficient foods, and a culture of eating out and overeating as well as a lack of physical activity. Why we eat. The process of eating when you get down to it, is designed to provide the nutrients necessary to maintain your physiology.   The systems that control feeding were developed during our evolution.  They were developed when food was scarce and energy had to be expended to find it.   There were no processed foods and most food sources were not calorically dense.  As a result, our bodies are designed to hold onto all calories when there is an excess of food available.  Unfortunately for us now, there is virtually an infinite supply of calories available at all times.  even worse, no calories have to be used to find it! (drive-thru). What is nutrition? Most of us never really learn about proper nutrition and eating.   We are taught by our families to eat what tastes good when we are hungry and to eat as much as possible.   Most of us do not know what our bodies need nor what really is in the food we are eating.   Furthermore, we have linked our eating to dealing with stress, boredom and depression as well as a social activity.  In actuality, our bodies have specific needs for nutrients that must be met.  We need to understand what these nutrients are and where we can find them.  We need to learn to ‘eat to live’ and not ‘live to eat’.  If we can approach food and eating with this knowledge, weight loss and a healthy life will follow. Bad food. Somewhere in the 80s, our food system was hijacked by corporate America.  Nutritional knowledge was thrown out the window and push was made to produce cheap foods.  Driven by government subsidies and corporate farming practices, corn, potatoes, soy and flour became the staples of the American diet.  Nutrient poor corn is now infused throughout our food supply as corn syrup and animal feed.  It is calorie dense and so cheap that it has spawned the entire fast food industry.  Your drive thru meal with corn fed beef, corn syrup laced soda and fried potatoes is the result.  Our supermarkets abound with cheap, nutritionally deficient, processed ‘foods’.  U.S. taxpayers spend billions of dollars a year to subsidize these cheap foods that are literally killing us.  Did you ever wonder why it is so much cheaper to buy an entire fast food meal than to make a salad? Advertising To make matters worse, coupled with our evolution and bad food supply, are societal pressures.   We are constantly bombarded by advertising for bad foods and eating out.  This starts in childhood with cereals, candy and fast food and continues into adulthood.   We now eat out more than ever and a recent study of restaurant menus found that more than 96% of them were unhealthy!   Portion sizes are out of control and most appetizers have more calories than most of us need in an entire day!  Our culture has also emphasized overeating and drinking when we socialize and during all events like sports, concerts and parties.   Feel bored or stressed?   Eat or drink something to make you feel better! No exercise. The final straw to this mess, is our lack of physical activity.  Most of us do not have jobs that require any physical activity.   We do not spend any calories to find our food anymore and most avoid physical activity altogether. With our unchecked intake of calories and with no ability to burn them, no wonder we are all getting fat! How to lose weight and keep it off! So what can we do to save our lives?  It is not easy as most of these habits are lifelong and cultural. 1. We need to understand our evolutionary physiology.  We must choose foods that are nutritionally dense (usually calorie poor), and eat smaller meals more frequently.  This works with our physiology to maintain our weight. 2. We must learn how to eat.  You must know what protein, carbohydrates and fats are.  Which foods contain them and how much of each you need.  You can then make the food choices necessary to give your body what it needs.  Shop on the perimeter of the supermarket and buy food at local farmers markets. 3. Stay away from processed foods.  They are almost all bad!  Eat mostly things that are grown.   Shield your children from TV and advertising and teach them about good foods and how to eat. 4. Eat out as little as possible!  Eat appetizers!  Make your…

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