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What is Anti Aging? We age for several reasons.  There are external factors like the sun, pollution, cigarettes and bad diets that cause us to age.  There are also internal factors that effect aging which mainly involve our genes and their expression.  Many of the external factors influence the expression of genes.  It is the external factors that we mainly have control of.  So anti aging involves lessening these external factors as well as their effect on our genes and their expression. What is the Best Anti Aging? Simply put the best anti aging is healthy living.  Good nutrition and regular exercise will probably make more of a difference than anything else.  What you put into your mouth has more to do with how you age than anything else.  Maintaining a normal weight and eating more of a plant based diet has been proven to extend life and prevent disease.  Exercise has so many positive effects throughout the body that would make a drug company envious.  Even better, exercise has no cost, and makes you feel and look better! How about Anti Aging Creams? The market is flooded with anti aging creams.  What works?  Unfortunately most anti aging creams do not work.  They are mostly overpriced moisturizers buoyed by advertising.   However there are many anti aging creams with proven anti aging benefit.  They consist of retinoids, growth factors and antioxidants.  Retinoids have proven ability to stimulate skin cells to make new collagen, the building block of skin.  Growth factors are proteins that stimulate a multitude of effects in many other cells.  Antioxidants are natural substances that absorb the damaging free radicals produced by pollution and sun exposure.  So looking for medical grade anti aging creams with these ingredients is most effective. How about Anti Aging Skin? Besides the anti aging creams we already mentioned, there are many other anti aging skin treatments.  The first  and most effective anti aging skin treatment is protection.  Liberal use of sun blocks prevents the sun damage from occurring.  Once there are visible signs of aging, there are many treatments to not only improve its appearance but to actually reverse some of the damage.  IPL photofacials utilize broad band light to remove any brown spots or small blood vessels.   CO2 Fractional Laser Resurfacing can remove the upper layer of damaged skin and heat the lower layer to induce skin tightening.   Radiofrequency treatments like Thermage and Venus Freeze use radio waves to heat the lower skin layers to cause tightening.  Chemical peels can remove layers of damaged skin while stimulating some tightening.  A consultation with a skin care specialist can determine which anti aging skin treatments are best for you.…

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Skin Rejuvenation Austin TX

Looking for a Skin Rejuvenation Med Spa  in Austin? Cosmetic surgery is becoming a staple in many homes, from simple procedures such as Botox to more complex procedures such as breast augmentation surgery. A popular procedure that fits in between those two options is skin rejuvenation. It allows you to look and feel your best as your body goes through the changing phases throughout your life. Perhaps you are unhappy with your appearance simply because you are aging and want to look younger, or maybe you just want to enhance certain features; rejuvenation may be something that you are interested in. Here is some information if you are looking for skin rejuvenation in Austin. Best Anti Aging Secrets The aging process can take a toll on the body and the first thing that people notice on each other is what is present to them first: the face. Sometimes it is hard to look in the mirror and watch your favorite facial features begin to change as the skin loses elasticity and begins to droop and wrinkle. This is why many people choose cosmetic procedures to keep themselves looking the best they can. With the right professionals to rejuvenate in Austin, the procedures can be easily accomplished and you can get the best results. Your appearance can be younger, fresher and you can look more like the person you feel like inside. If any of these services are what you are looking for or if you have questions about other rejuvenation services, the best place to look is Beleza Med Spa. Their rejuvenation services include Botox and Juvederm, chemical peels, hydrafacials, microneedling, fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing, photofacials, Ultherapy Skin Tightening, and more. All of these services are safe and can be discussed with professionals who have your best interest in mind. …

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What is Collagen Protein & Collagen Peptides Found in the connective tissue of animals, especially vertebrates, collagen is a group of proteins that  are naturally found in the body. Collagen protein serves multiple functions for humans, including being the basis for connective and fibrous tissues. At Beleza, most of the focus on collagen is centered on its’ role in skin elasticity and firmness. Collagen serves as the structural support for skin, so as we age, this structure decreases. With time, age and collagen breakdown, skin looses firmness and the ability to bounce back when pulled or stretched. This loss of structure and elasticity allows gravity to take its toll and pull the fatty tissue and skin in the face downward. Wrinkles from expressions begin to linger after the expression is gone and both deep and fine lines appear. Skin Collagen Collagen is almost 90% of our skin’s dermis, so the change in the appearance of skin can be dramatic when collagen starts to fade. Around the age of thirty, collagen production in the skin decreases at an average rate of 1% a year. During the next several decades, the slowdown is even more dramatic. So, what do we do to prevent or slow down this collagen breakdown? Some of the factors are environmental and genetic; if your parents and grandparents showed their ages prematurely, it is likely that you will, too. Collagen & Sunscreen To delay the onset of wrinkles and loss of firmness as long as possible, a few steps can be taken. First, sunscreen. We probably sound like a broken record at this point, but there is nothing better you can do for your skin that slather on sunscreen every single day, and reapply when sweat or swimming is involved. Amp up your protection with sunglasses to shield the delicate skin around the eyes and a wide brimmed hat to provide shade on the face, neck and chest. Skin Antioxidants Second, never forget your antioxidants. Vitamin C and E protect your skin against free radicals and help to rebuild collagen. When you apply skincare products to a clean and dry face, apply them thickest to thinnest; this usually means your Vitamin C and E (generally supplied in the form of a serum) will be applied underneath your thicker lotions and creams. Retinols Third, use a retinol. Beleza provides prescriptions for a personalized blend of hydroquinone and retinol, which can produce a drastic difference in skin pigmentation and help to increase collagen production when applied nightly. Collagen Peptides Recent research has shown that taking collagen supplements may have many health benefits.  There are many types of collagen each composed of different collagen peptides.  These collagen peptides can be found in collagen powders & collagen pills. Collagen supplements may improve skin health by reducing wrinkles and dryness and they may also help increase muscle mass, prevent bone loss, and relieve joint pain. Collagen Induction Therapy The basis of many skin rejuvenation and skin tightening procedures involve collagen stimulation by collagen induction therapy or CIT.  CIT basically involves wounding the skin cells that produce collagen to stimulate them to make new collagen.  This can be done with needles like Microneedling, lasers like CO2 Laser Resurfacing and ultrasound like Ultherapy.…

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