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Beleza Medspa has helped thousands of patients over the past 10 years, successfully remove stubborn fat from their bodies with liposuction.  However, liposuction is more than just fat removal, but more of an artistic body contouring procedure.  Over the years, we have collected some of the most common liposuction questions by our patients: How much does liposuction cost?The liposuction cost depends on the number of body areas treated and the amount of fat needed to be removed. Somebody with more fat to be removed, will require more work and therefore more cost.  The good thing is that the cost of liposuction is affordable more than ever with use of local anesthesia.   Beleza Medspa liposuction prices start at $1199 an area, with the average liposuction cost of $5000.  A free consultation is required to determine individual pricing.2.  How much swelling will I experience after liposuction?All patients will experience some degree of swelling after liposuction.  The empty space under your skin where the fat is removed, will naturally be filled with fluid by your body. This swelling will eventually resolve with time.  How long the liposuction swelling takes to resolve and how much swelling there is, depends on how much fat is removed and is different for every patient.  Liposuction swelling is helped by wearing a compression garment, massage and exercise.  Most patients will have most of their liposuction swelling resolve in one month, but sometimes it lasts another few months.3.  What are the non-surgical alternatives to liposuction?The best non-surgical alternative to liposuction is Coolsculpting.  Coolsculpting allows for the reduction of stubborn fat without any recovery or downtime.  However, Coolsculpting cannot remove as much fat as liposuction or perform true body contouring.4.  How long do I have to wear compression garments after liposuction?As we discussed in the liposuction swelling question, wearing of a compression garment helps with the resolution of swelling.  We generally recommend our liposuction patients wear their compression garments for 4-6 weeks.  As the swelling resolves, we recommend switching to smaller garments to maximize your results.5.  How much downtime is there after liposuction?The use of local tumescent anesthesia during liposuction has greatly decreased liposuction downtime and liposuction recovery.  The tumescent fluid actually protects the surrounding tissues while the fat is removed.  After liposuction, our patients go home pain-free and are back on their feet immediately.  We encourage light activity the next day and gradual resumption of normal activity over the next week.  Most patients will miss less than a week of work, depending on what they do.…

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So What is Liposuction?Liposuction is basically the removal of fat from the body by suctioning it away.  After the instillation of a salt water-lidocaine mixture into the fat for anesthesia (tumescent fluid), a liposuction cannula is used to harmlessly vacuum fat cells away.  The cannula is a long tube with holes at the end that grab fat cells as it is passed through the fat layer.  The goal of the surgeon is to not only make the fat layer smaller, but to sculpt it into a more aesthetically pleasing shape, body contouring.How Do You Feel After Liposuction?The actual liposuction procedure will take only a few hours.  The longer and more important part of the procedure begins after liposuction.  Since a large amount of fat has been removed, a large amount of empty space is left behind.  The human body doesn’t tolerate empty space and will fill it with fluid. This fluid accumulation leads to the swelling we that see after liposuction.  Swelling after liposuction  is a normal side effect of the procedure.  The swelling will naturally resolve on its own.  But it is critical that the liposuction swelling be handled properly by the patient to achieve the best results.  After liposuction care is critical for great results.Swelling After Liposuction: Massage After LiposuctionSwelling after liposuction is expected and normal.  The three main methods to deal with liposuction swelling include compression, massage and exercise.  The compression garment is placed on the patient immediately after the procedure and will be worn as much as possible for the next several weeks to months.  The compression garment is designed to close the empty space caused by the liposuction and push out any fluid.  Massage after liposuction, specifically lymphatic massage is also vital .  The massage helps to squeeze out accumulated fluid and swelling and appears to help with tissue repair.  The last component of liposuction swelling management is exercise.   Immediately after the procedure, several of the incisions will be left open to drain.  Walking around helps the leftover anesthetic fluid and melted fat to drain from the body, lessening swelling and speeding recovery.  The fluid that accumulates in the liposuction areas are outside of the blood vessels and is normally propelled by muscle movement.  So the more the muscles are used, the faster the swelling resolves.  So exercise is great for liposuction recovery!What happens to the Fat After Liposuction?Normally the fat after liposuction is disposed of as medical waste.  However we are beginning to increasingly appreciate the value of this fat. This fat can be transferred and used as a natural filler for buttocks augmentation or the Brazilian Butt Lift, natural breast augmentation and facial rejuvenation. Even more exciting is the discovery of stem cells in fat.  Fat offers a higher concentration of stem cells than bone marrow and is much easier to harvest.  Stem cells have the unique ability to become any cell and have great potential for rejuvenation and tissue repair.Weight Loss After LiposuctionThe other important issue to discuss is what happens to your remaining fat after liposuction. Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure nor a guarantee against future weight gain.  Although fat will be removed from the body, the initial weight loss will be replaced by water retention (swelling).  It is critical that weight be maintained or even better, weight lost.  The body is designed to store extra calories as fat.  If extra calories are consumed, the body will look for areas to store fat.  If its normal fat storage areas have been removed by liposuction, the body will look for new areas.  So fat can show up in areas that normally were not a problem.  Even worse, fat found around the organs or visceral fat, can also increase.  Visceral fat has been found to be the most dangerous with links to diabetes, high blood pressure and many more diseases.  This is why it is critical to have a stable body weight going into liposuction that you will able to maintain after liposuction.  Recent studies have confirmed that exercise after liposuction is critical to prevent the return of fat.What about Liposuction Recovery?Modern liposuction utilizing tumescent anesthesia has much decreased recovery than traditional liposuction.  Patients are back on their feet immediately and go home numb.  The anesthesia wears off gradually and pain medicine is taken as needed.  The liposuction patient will then have some swelling and soreness to deal with. There are no activity restrictions and the patient can resume a normal routine almost immediately.When will I look like the liposuction before and after pictures?The healing process after liposuction depends on the patient’s participation in compression, massage, activity and weight control, the nature of the procedure and the body’s healing rate.  The body will work to resolve the swelling, reorganize the remaining fat and tighten the skin. This process will take weeks to months and is different for every individual patient.  As a result, some results will be evident within 3-6 weeks and final results make take 3-6 months to become evident.After Liposuction DietThere is no special after liposuction diet required.  It is important to realize that your body is in…

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Liposuction Expectations.

Liposuction MeaningLiposuction is simply the removal of excess fat from certain parts of the body. Body areas can include the thighs, abdomen, upper arms, chest (for men with male breasts), the flanks, knees, back and the chin. While liposuction can offer much in the way of cosmetic surgery, there are certain things it can’t accomplish. Check out what some liposuction expectations are.Liposuction Expectations:More than anything else, liposuction is performed to enhance the aesthetics of the body since excess fat is widely considered to be unsightly. Too much fat is also unhealthy although merely relying on liposuction to stay trim isn’t advisable. With liposuction, candidates can expect to have better defined contours which positively affects their self-image and confidence.  More than anything, Liposuction is a body sculpting procedure.For example, let’s say you have had love handles your whole life that stay there no matter how thin you are.  Liposuction can easily remove this stubborn fat and shave inches off your waist.  There really is no other way to target fatty areas in such a way.  Liposuction can easily do that.What Liposuction can’t doLiposuction isn’t a miracle procedure.  Liposuction isn’t a substitute for regular exercise and a healthy diet.  Liposuction can produce more than 50% skin tightening but it cannot remove large amounts of loose and excess skin.  Patients with poor health are advised against having it performed as overall health is always taken into consideration when undergoing the procedure.How much weight can you lose with liposuction?The amount of fat removed during liposuction depends on how much fat you have to start with.   However, the exact amount will depend on what the cosmetic surgeon deems is appropriate.  Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure nor a guarantee against future weight gain.  However, the fat removed from your body will result in weight loss typically seen about a month after the procedure.  This weight loss usually ranges from 5-10 pounds.A healthy diet and exercise are critical in maintaining your results.  It is important to discuss with your liposuction surgeon your goals and expectations.  One must be realistic about what Liposuction can and can’t do.Is liposuction worth it?This depends on your commitment to your health after liposuction.  If you plan to maintain your weight or better, lose weight, your liposuction results will be lifelong.  There is no other way to target stubborn fat and produce body contouring than liposuction.Liposuction CostLiposuction is also a significant financial investment.  However, local anesthesia and competition have made it very affordable.  Also, there is no price in making you feel better about yourself.Liposuction AlternativesLiposuction is not for everyone.  Coolsculpting is a great liposuction alternative that allows reduction of stubborn fat without the need for anesthesia or needles.  If you have weight to lose, a medical weight loss diet is best for both health and cosmetic reasons.Trisha paytas Liposuction: Why I Got Liposuction.…

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