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Smartlipo Triplex*

State of the Art Laser Liposuction with Smartlipo Triplex!

Laser liposuction has been around more than 8 years.  From its humble beginnings, the Smartlipo laser has now progressed to the Smartlipo Triplex platform.  Offering superior wavelengths and power, the Smartlipo Triplex can give you the laser liposuction results you always dreamed of.

smartlipo triplex austinWhat is Smartlipo Triplex?

The original Smartlipo laser came with one wavelength of light in 2006, 1064nm.  This was a good wavelength to start with as it helped to melt fat as well as control bleeding.  The original smartlipo came relatively underpowered at 6-8 watts of power.  Over the years the power was increased to over 46 watts.   Unfortunately, a great deal of this energy did not go to the fat and skin where it was needed the most.  1064nm was just not selective enough to affect these tissues.   Smartlipo then introduced the 1320nm wavelength which was better absorbed by fat.  It was combined in the new Smartlipo MPX platform which allowed better melting of fat at available powers.   However, neither of these wavelengths of light were ideal for skin tightening.   To get skin tightening, the connective tissues would need to be heated selectively.  This was accomplished by adding the 1440nm wavelength to the Smartlipo Triplex.  1440nm is superiorly absorbed by water, which is the main ingredient of connective tissue and skin.  So by heating these tissues, new levels of skin tightening could be achieved.  The Smartlipo Triplex offers all 3 of theses wavelengths in one platform.

How can Smartlipo Triplex help me?

The Smartlipo laser is another tool in the liposuction surgeon’s tool box.   It is the skill and experience of the surgeon that is most important.  But the Smartlipo Triplex can improve his results and lessens downtime.  By offering another level of skin tightening and fat removal, the Smartlipo Triplex can make a good surgeon, great.   Its ability to fine tune the thickness and smoothness of the fat layer is unmatched.  Even better, the focused heat introduced to the skin and connective tissue can make more invasive surgery unnecessary.

What are the advantages of Smartlipo Triplex?

The use of multiple wavelengths of light both alone and in combination, allow selective treatment of targeted tissues.  So in the chin and neck, the laser can be used to melt the small amount of fat there while tightening the skin.   In areas where there is more loose skin  like the lower abdomen and arms, the laser heat can be concentrated to focus on heating connective tissues and skin.  Even better, the power of the Smartlipo Triplex can shorten the procedure time.  Recovery is also improved due to cauterization and less bruising and bleeding.

 SmartLipo Triplex in Austin