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Lose Stubborn Fat With SmartLipo Laser Liposuction!

  • Experience: Dr Broder & Dr Dellinger have treated more than 2000 Liposuction Austin patients!
  • Affordable: As low as $1199 per area* – with low-interest financing available through CareCredit, no hidden costs!
  • Targeted Power Assisted Laser Fat Removal with SmartLipo Triplex: Love Handles, Abs, Hips, Thighs, Arms and Chin liposuction.
  • Fast & Convenient: Stay Awake & back on your feet immediately.  Go home in a few hours with little discomfort.
  • Safe: No general anesthesia or need to ‘go under’ required.
  • State of the Art Operating RoomVisit our AAAHC Accredited Surgical Suite

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Actual Dr Broder Smartlipo Liposuction Patient  Before & After

Safe, Expert Body Contouring Surgery at Beleza Medspa.

Skinny clothes still hanging in the closet?  Need to desperately lose belly fat and love handles?   Smartlipo Laser Liposuction at Beleza MedSpa is the procedure you are looking for.   Performed safely under local anesthesia while you are awake, Smartlipo Laser Liposuction can easily remove fat virtually anywhere on your body. But it’s not just about removing as much as fat as possible!  The real goal is body sculpting to bring out the natural shape and curves of your body.  Even better, transfer your fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift, Natural Breast Augmentation or for Facial Fat Transfer!

SmartLipo Liposuction Video: Watch the liposuction video that made Dr Broder and Beleza famous!

Jill Park Smartlipo Liposuction Austin Patient 2014

liposuction austin
“Dr. Broder and his staff were top-notch. I love when I come into an office and I instantly feel comfortable and welcome. The ladies that work here seem truly concerned about the well-being of the patient. They all have great personalities and are very knowledgable. The massage therapist on staff is exceptional and I really enjoyed getting massages done by her because of her expertise and warm personality. Dr. Broder is an amazing surgeon and does not quit until he reaches perfection. I felt like I got excellent service through him at a very affordable price. I am extremely happy with my new body and I cannot wait to rock my new bikini body this Summer. I would highly recommend Beleza Spa and Dr. Broder and staff to anybody wanting a top-notch experience with amazing results.”

 More about Liposuction Recovery time here:

Dr Broder & Dr Dellinger, Expert Surgeons and Body Sculptors.

Cosmetic Surgeon Lawrence Broder MD & Plastic Surgeon Dr David Dellinger at Beleza Medspa has performed more than 2000 individual Smartlipo Laser Liposuction patient procedures. They are one of the leading providers of Liposuction in Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park and Killeen TX.   Dr Broder and Dellinger possess the skills and experience, as well as the artistic eye to target the fat you cannot lose and then sculpt and contour your body into a sleeker shape. The fat is permanently removed and the Smartlipo laser can add heat that leads to skin tightening. Performed while awake under local anesthesia, Tumescent Liposuction is a safe, fast and effective plastic surgery procedure.  There is no long recovery and you are back on your feet immediately.   Work and exercise can be resumed in a few days. The exciting part then begins as your body transforms over the next several weeks and months.

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Dr Broder and Beleza Surgical RN

Free Liposuction Consultations!

Interested?  Please call or email us for a free cosmetic surgery consultation.  There is no obligation nor any sales pressure, just an honest assessment of your needs and what we can deliver.  Please look at our  photos and liposuction Austin reviews.  Dr Broder and Dr Dellinger stand by their patients and are totally committed to your safety and satisfaction.  Please view a  tour of our new cosmetic surgery suite  and state of the art facilities.  Beleza Medspa is the cosmetic surgery practice that can provide  liposuction in Austin TX  safely and effectively at the best prices.   Now AAAHC Accredited for your safety!  Need help deciding on a Liposuction Surgeon?  Click Here

Low Liposuction Cost!

Your liposuction cost is based on the number of body areas to be treated as well as the amount of fat needed to be removed.  Some patients have more fat to remove than others and the extra work will be reflected in the liposuction price.  Our quotes are all-inclusive including your preoperative physical and labs, anesthesia, a compression garment and all follow-up.  By using local anesthesia only, the risk and cost of general anesthesia is completely avoided.  Why pay extra for something that could potentially hurt you? Our cost for liposuction is very competitive and one of the lowest in the Austin, San Antonio areas and Texas!  We also offer no interest financing through CareCredit that allows you to make low monthly payments.  Smart Liposuction is more affordable than ever.

Liposuction Vs Tummy Tuck

Deciding between liposuction alone or liposuction with a tummy tuck can be a difficult one.  Depending on the condition of the skin, liposuction alone can achieve more than 50% skin tightening. This may be enough for many patients.   If the skin has poor elasticity or a great deal of stretch marks, a tummy tuck is necessary to remove excess skin.  The tummy tuck also allows for tightening of stretched out abdominal muscles.  On the downside, a tummy tuck leaves a large scar and has a longer recovery.  This is a decision that we can assist you with during your consultation.

Liposuction Alternatives

Liposuction is not for everyone and we have many other liposuction alternatives to deal with excess fat and skin.  Coolsculpting is the ideal noninvasive procedure to reduce fatty areas all over the body.  Venus Freeze and Thermage use noninvasive radiofrequency to tighten loose skin.

Which areas of the body can be treated by SmartLipo?

Laser Liposuction  is an ideal plastic surgery procedure for reducing fat from the neck, double chin, arms, back (muffin tops), bra rolls, abdomen, inner and outer thighs, knees, and the area known as “love handles.” Many times, several areas of the body can be treated in one session, depending on the amount of fat to be removed and anesthesia required.  Dr Broder combines Laser Lipo with Lipo Vaser (see Demo here) for the best results.

Testimonial – “Over the years, I’ve had small, non-invasive procedures done at Medspas in Austin.  When the time came to do something more substantial (SmartLipo and Fat Transfer) I started shopping around. I looked at four major Medspas in town and settled on Beleza because their office was helpful, and Dr. Broder is the most experienced SmartLipo practitioner around. When I went to Beleza to discuss my options, I was given information about different procedures, the results I could expect and a price breakdown for each. Beleza consultants were knowledgeable, professional and took time to review all my questions and concerns. I later met with Dr. Broder who was low-key, attentive and put me at ease.  After my procedure I had follow-up visits, and again, everyone was great, giving me useful tips and suggestions for post-op recovery. I love my results, no one can tell I had anything “done,” and I look at least 5 years younger.” Read more of our reviews here.

Laser Liposuction allows you to change how you look, and how you feel about your appearance. This revolutionary treatment literally melts away fat in trouble spots like your abdomen, thighs, arms and neck.

The results can last longer than diet or exercise and since the treatment is minimally invasive, you’ll be in the doctor’s office one day — and out turning heads the next.  Though not a weight loss procedure, the fat removed will never return as long as you maintain your weight.

Liposuction Recovery

Even though Smartlipo is an invasive procedure, it is noninvasive to your lifestyle.  The use of local tumescent anesthesia allows you to go home numb and resume normal activities almost immediately.  The liposuction recovery after smartlipo is now much easier than it has ever been!

Liposuction Side Effects

The main liposuction side effect you will have to deal with is swelling.  All that fat we will remove leaves empty space that your body fills with fluid and leads to swelling.  Your body will remove this fluid on its own with time but we help it with compression, massage and exercise.

It’s no wonder SmartLipo was the most sought-after new procedure in 2007.*

  Smart Liposuction Case Studies of Actual Patients:

Chin Liposuction

Chin Liposuction

Abdominal Liposuction

Abdominal Liposuction


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