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NeoCutis-Restorative Skin Care

Searching for baby-soft skin that defies both damage and age? Neocutis is a breakthrough skin care line designed to treat all skin types such as mature, aging, oily, and dry skin.

NeoCutis-Restorative Skin Care

Neocutis was founded in February 2003 and stemmed from the medical school of the University Hospital of Lausanne, Switzerland. The company is a specialty biopharmaceutical company that focuses on dermatology and wound-healing.

Neocutis features advanced skin care powered by the use of cultured fetal skin cells from cells banks. Processed Skin Cell Protein (PSP) is used both to heal existing skin conditions and wounds or to act as a topical carrier for skin care. The proteins are used to treat acute and chronic skin damage, eczema and psoriasis, and vulvar vestibulitis.

For irritations, damage, or fine lines and wrinkles, the popular Bio-GEL Bio-Restorative Hydrogel uses patented PSP to promote scarless wound healing and smooth, soft skin