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Safe Lipo or Safe Liposuction



What is Safe Lipo or Safe Liposuction?

Safe Lipo is a standard liposuction procedure marketed as a new combination of liposuction techniques.  It basically involves three steps: “disrupting” or “separating” the fat, “aspirating” or “suctioning” the fat, and finally “smoothing” or “equalizing” the fat.  These techniques have been a part of liposuction for more than twenty years and have been utilized by Beleza surgeons for more than a decade.  In fact, Beleza Medspa incorporates all of these techniques into all of its Smart Liposuction procedures.

What is Tumescent Anesthesia?

This is absolutely the most important part of any liposuction procedure whether Safe Lipo or Smartlipo.  It involves the infusion of a salt water solution containing the anesthetic lidocaine and a drug called epinephrine (like in Epipens).  The tumescent anesthesia does four main things.  One, the fluid expands the fat cells and pushes all other structures out of the way so there is room to safely remove the fat.  Two, the fat is solid and the liquid tumescent anesthesia allows the fat to be easily suctioned away.  Three, the lidocaine numbs the fat layer (more than 12 hours) so the procedure can be performed comfortably and safely awake.  Four, the epinephrine constricts the blood vessels so there is little to no bleeding.  So as you can see, tumescent anesthesia is what makes modern liposuction so safe and effective.

Microcannula Liposuction

When liposuction was first invented, the liposuction instruments were huge!  They could remove a lot of fat quickly, but they also left a lot of problems behind like divots and irregularities.  Smaller, more sophisticated liposuction cannulas are now used which not only prevent irregularities, but allow for much more advanced sculpting of the fat layer leading to better results.

Fat Disruption or Separation

After instilling the tumescent anesthesia and before suction the fat, Beleza surgeons will disrupt the fat layer.  Using various types of cannulas, the surgeon will disrupt the fat cells from the surrounding tissues without using suction.  The goal here is to make it easier to remove the fat and increase the amount of fat removed.  Vaser liposuction can also be used similarly to disrupt and separate the fat from the surrounding tissues.

Fat Aspiration or Suctioning

Once the fat has been loosened up by disruption or Vaser, the surgeon then uses standard microcannulas to begin to remove the fat cells.  This is where the skill, experience and creativity of the surgeon is critical.  This is like sculpting a statue, using fine instruments to remove small amounts of stone to slowly reveal the final result.  The surgeon suctions the fat off the body to carefully sculpt a new smaller, more attractive fat layer that better fits the body.

Fat Smoothing or Equalizing

When the surgeon is satisfied that enough fat has been suctioned away to produce the desired results, attention is now turned to the condition of the remaining fat.  It is this fat that you will be looking at when you are recovering, and not the fat that has been removed.  Beleza surgeons use several instruments to make sure that the remaining fat is smooth and well distributed.  This is the fine tuning step of the liposuction procedure.

Skin Tightening

Leaving a smooth, smaller fat layer is not the only desired result of Safe Lipo or Smartlipo.  What about the skin?  If the skin doesn’t shrink down over the new smaller fat layer, the results will be very disappointing.  Beleza surgeons are not only skilled in fat disruption, aspiration and smoothing, but also aggressive liposuction to induce skin tightening.  The connective tissue that connects the skin to the fat below, has to be stimulated to shrink down the skin to the fat.  This is accomplished by using techniques and instruments to safely induce skin tightening in this connective tissue layer, as in shrink wrap liposuction.

Power Assisted Liposuction

Beleza surgeons have been using power assisted liposuction or PAL for almost 10 years.  PAL allows the surgeon to remove more fat with less effort, and the vibrations of the hand piece provide some degree of anesthesia for some patients.

Open Drainage/Massage/Compression

Safe Lipo or Smartlipo doesn’t stop when the procedure is completed.  There are several more steps after the procedure that are just as important for good results.  The small incisions made to introduce the instruments and anesthesia are left open after the procedure.  This allows the remaining tumescent fluid and any loose fat to safely drain from the body, speeding recovery.  Liposuction patients are placed in compression garments that serve to shrink the skin down to the fat layer, smooth the fat later and reduce swelling.  Finally, massage is used to further smooth the fat layer and reduce swelling.

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