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How can PRP help me?

Platelets are tiny cells that circulate in our blood.  Their sole mission in life is to respond to injuries throughout the body.  They work to stop the bleeding and begin repairs.  When an injury occurs, multiple factors such as blood vessel damage induce the platelets to activate.  They will change their shape and clump together, forming a plug or blood clot.  This works to  stop the bleeding.

The blood clot is only a temporary solution to stop bleeding; vessel and tissue repair is  needed. The aggregated platelets help this process by secreting growth factors that promote the invasion of specialized cells from surrounding connective tissue.  These cells migrate into the wounded area to completely heal the wound and form a scar.

Platelet-derived growth factors (PDGF) are biologically active substances that enhance tissue repair mechanisms, such as cell movement, cell growth, cell activation, new blood vessel formation, and rebuilding of connective tissue.

So where does PRP come from?  It is these platelet derived growth factors that we seek to exploit with PRP.   Can you imagine a drug that can mimic what these growth factors can do?  There is none.  However we have plenty of our own platelets available containing all of these growth factors.  We can take a blood sample and spin it to separate the platelets.  The platelets remain in the plasma fraction of the spun blood.  We then use a calcium solution to activate the platelets.  The platelets then release their growth factors into the plasma.  We can then use this platelet rich plasma (PRP) anywhere we want to initiate cell repair and growth.

prp beleza medspa

Clumping of platelets after activation. Platelet rich human blood plasma (left vial) is a turbid liquid. Upon activation, platelets start to aggregate, forming white flakes (right vial).

PRP therapy is currently showing promising results in many fields of medicine.  PRP is being used for tendon and ligament injuries, chronic wounds, arthritis, burns, and oral surgery.  It has been shown to speed healing and induce new tissue growth.  It is an evolving treatment and new indications  are currently under investigation.

So how do we use PRP at Beleza Medspa?  We are using PRP as stand alone treatment known as the Microneedling with PRP Facelift and also in combination with DOT therapy and fat transfer. Microneedling with PRP Facelift in conjunction with a dermal filler for facial rejuvenation.  The PRP attracts new cells to the area, induces cell repair and blood vessel growth.

Dot therapy or fractional CO2 laser resurfacing, makes millions of perforations in the skin.  These perforations or ‘dots’ lead to the resurfacing and skin tightening effects of the treatment.  PRP can actually be applied topically to the skin surface after DOT therapy.  The dots may allow the growth factors to be absorbed into the deep layers of the skin and speed healing and repair.  The use of PRP with fat transfer is most exciting.  Our understanding of fat transfer is  evolving with the realization of it’s stem cell content.  The pairing of the PRP growth factors to activate these stem cells may give us unlimited rejuvenation possibilities.

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