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Get a Flat Abdomen Again with a Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty).*

Tummy Tuck Surgery: Remove Loose Skin & Tighten Your Waist in One Procedure.

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Tummy Tuck Austin Experts

Why Get Your Tummy Tuck Surgery at Beleza Medspa & Plastic Surgery:

Why would I need a Tummy Tuck?

An Abdominoplasty or “Tummy Tuck” is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures at Beleza MedSpa, and can help to restore what time, gravity, children and weight changes may have taken away.

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Let’s face it, we all want a flat stomach.  Eating right and exercising are extremely important if you want a flat stomach, but despite hours spent at the gym and plenty of time spent dieting, sometimes that midsection bulge and loose skin refuses to go anywhere. Maybe you’ve even tried things like the tummy tuck belt with no success.

What’s causing this problem? There are three factors involved:

  1. Excess Skin: Significant weight loss, pregnancy, and genetics contribute to loose, droopy abdominal skin and stretch marks.
  2.  Excess Fat: Extra tissue and layers of fat in the abdomen area can create an unsightly “pooch” that crunches can’t take care of.
  3.  Stretched Out Muscles: A major contributor to the problem are weakened, stretched abdominal wall muscles that allows the belly to bulge out.

How to Lose Belly Fat:

  1. Belly fat only with no excess skin or loose muscles can be treated with liposuction or a liposuction alternative like Coolsculpting.
  2. Minimal loose skin and fat only below the belly button can be treated with liposuction with or without a mini-tummy tuck.
  3. Excess skin and fat above and below the belly button with stretch marks can be treated with full tummy tuck or lipoabdominplasty.

Austin Plastic Surgeon Dr. Staci Hix-Hernandez MD discusses her approach to Tummy Tucks (Abdominoplasty) in a Tummy Tuck Video:

Tummy Tuck Surgery works on three levels:

  1. Removal of excess skin and stretch marks,
  2. Removal of Excess Fat and
  3. Repair of the abdominal muscles that have been stretched from pregnancy or weight gain/loss.

Tummy Tuck Benefits:

  • Rebuild your abdomen after childbirth and/or weight loss.
  • Almost immediate results with long-term satisfaction.
  • Remove stretch marks.
  • Your clothes will fit better.

Tummy Tuck, Mini Tummy Tuck, Lipo Tummy Tuck, what’s the difference?”

• An Abdominoplasty or full Tummy Tuck is the standard procedure most people have done. Significant amounts of excess skin and fat can be removed, along with repair of the muscle layer of the abdomen.

• A Mini Tummy Tuck is for relatively, thinner patients who have primarily loose abdominal muscles and a small amount of lower abdominal fat. Only a small percentage of patients are candidates. Liposuction is performed on the abdomen and the abdominal muscles, usually from the belly button down are tightened and a smaller amount of skin is removed.

• A Lipo Tummy Tuck, or LipoAbdominoplasty is a combination procedure where some liposuction is done, along with a slightly lesser degree of muscle tightening  and can be performed on heavier patients.

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What is a Mommy Makeover?

Yes, we specialize in Mommy Makeovers! This is a great time to take care of all those other things that are bothering you.  Most patients can have additional procedures such as breast rejuvenation, facial rejuvenation or liposuction during the same procedure. Mommy Makeovers  can include Breast Lift and Tummy Tuck, Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck and Breast Implants and Tummy Tuck.  These are some of the most popular combinations.  By bundling procedures, you can lower your tummy tuck cost even more!

Who is a good Tummy Tuck Surgery candidate?

• Patients with excess hanging skin, especially with a fold of skin on the lower abdomen when standing.

• Significant amounts of stretch marks

• Abdominal muscles which are loose and allow the abdomen to “bulge” when relaxed.

• Patients who have realistic expectations and are in good health (non-smokers).

Who is a poor candidate?

• Patients in otherwise poor health – poorly controlled diabetes or uncontrolled high blood pressure.

• Patients who are severely overweight.

• Women planning on having children in the next 2-5 years.Patients who smoke and are unwilling to quit.

How do I prepare for the tummy tuck surgery?

• Plan on having someone stay with you full-time after the procedure for the first few days.

• You’ll feel most comfortable in a “recliner” position – back reclined and knees bent.

• Have extra dressings, baby wipes, and loose clothing available.

What happens the day of surgery?

• You’ll meet with our doctors, anesthesia staff and nurses to answer any remaining questions and help prepare you for the procedure.

• During the surgery you’ll be given an anesthetic and will be completely asleep and pain-free.

• The surgery itself can take an hour to two hours depending on the patient.When you wake up you’ll be in the recovery area and will have a tight elastic garment around your waist and a small drain tube.

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Our beautiful & modern AAAHC accredited operating room.

What is Tummy Tuck Recovery like?

• We want you to rest at home for the first few days, getting up regularly to move about.

• Have someone help you clean your incision daily and apply new dressings.

• Wear your garment 24/7 except for dressing changes for the first two weeks and during waking hours after that for another 4 weeks.

• Record the output from the drainage tube (usually not needed) regularly – it is generally removed in 7-10 days.

• At two weeks you can resume some light exercise such as walking, gradually increasing over the next several weeks, avoiding heavy lifting and sit-ups for two to three months.

We are always available by phone and email for any of your questions during your Tummy Tuck Recovery.

What happens After Tummy Tucks? Tummy Tuck Recovery typically occurs in stages.

The first 3-5 days is after tummy tucks is always the most difficult with the most pain and soreness.  During this time period it is absolutely crucial to be up and mobile.  Increased walking will not only help the body naturally deal with the pain but it will also decrease the risk of pneumonia and blood clots.

The second week after tummy tuck surgery is typically a sore phase, pain medication is frequently still required at night but you will walking with ease and returning to normal.

The 3rd and 4th weeks are usually the most frustrating.  Although you will continue to feel better and better the activity and lifting restriction will remain in place as it is crucial to allow the muscle plication adequate time to heal.

All activity restrictions will be typically be lifting and you may gradually resume activity as tolerated after 4 weeks.

What are potential after Tummy Tuck complications?

• The rate of complications for this procedure is very low, but your surgery and recovery will be very closely monitored to prevent any possible problems.  Like all surgical procedures there is a risk of bleeding, infection, scarring and postoperative complication like blood clots.  We do everything possible to minimize the risk of these complications.

• We want you or your caregiver to contact us with any concerns you may have.

The Drainless Tummy Tuck.

In order to expose the entire length of the rectus abdominus ( 6 pack muscles) for plication (sewing tight together) during a tummy tuck, all the skin from the pubic bone (groin) to the sternum (breast bone) must be elevated or raised off of them.

After sewing the muscles back together there is a large area under the skin that can collect fluid.  Traditionally, drains have been left in this space to evacuate the fluid in order for the skin to heal back to the muscles.  Dr. Hix-Hernandez uses a technique called progressive tension suturing, where the skin is literally sewn back to the muscles, thereby eliminating the dead space.  Since there is no longer space for fluid to collect she is able to avoid placing a drain,  thus enabling the “drainless tummy tuck

Tummy Tuck Cost

During your free consultation, you will be given an all-inclusive quote for your tummy tuck surgery.  Your tummy tuck cost is determined by many factors including the amount of skin  and fat that is needed to be removed and the degree of looseness of your abdominal muscles.  The more loose skin and loose muscles, leads to longer operative time and the higher tummy tuck cost.  We own our own AAAHC accredited facility and work to give you the best tummy tuck price possible.  Look at some average plastic surgery procedure prices here.

How do I get started getting a Tummy Tuck?

• Meet with our Tummy Tuck Austin Surgical Consultants for an initial discussion as well as scheduling and pricing options.

• Ready to move forward? You’ll then meet with our plastic surgeon Dr. Staci Hix-Hernandez MD for a free consultation and evaluation.

Tummy Tuck Near Me

If you are looking for a tummy tuck near me, Beleza Medspa can help. At Beleza MedSpa, we offer abdominoplasty, or a tummy tuck, as well as liposuction which is an efficient way to flatten your abdomen. Board certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Staci Hix-Hernandez MD will determine during a pre-operative consultation the best plan for your body shape, walking you through the procedure step-by-step. During the tummy tuck surgery, any excess skin and fat will be removed, revealing the contours of your natural body shape.

Tummy Tuck Alternatives.

Beleza Medspa offers tummy tuck alternatives such as  body contouring using Smartlipo Liposuction and Coolsculpting.  You may find this to be an option for you.  Do I need Liposuction or a Tummy Tuck?  We offer free Tummy Tuck Austin consultations.  Call or email now!

Tummy Tuck Reviews

Cedar Park Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hix-Hernandez did a great job on my tummy tuck in December 2012. Immediately felt comfortable with her as soon as I met her and she took her time answering all the questions I had. She is professional and takes pride in her work. I had the kangaroo pooch and over four inches of separation on my abdominal muscles from a 70 lb weight gain during pregnancy and she got those really TIGHT. She was honest with me and told me I needed to get to a healthy weight before the surgery, 60 pounds later I was ready. Everything went smoothly and the scar healed to a thin line. Despite some fluctuations in my weight since the surgery, everything has held up really well, providing a long lasting result. This doctor knows what she is doing.

At Beleza MedSpa, our board-certified physicians, nurses and staff are committed to the highest levels of care, state-of-the-art technology, and unrivaled patient care and customer support. See what thousands of patients have already experienced – at Beleza MedSpa!