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Body Contouring*

Body Fat and Body Contouring

body contouringMost of us are trying to be healthier than ever before. We watch our diets and we exercise regularly. As a result, we feel better and have less medical problems. We want our bodies to show the results of our discipline. Unfortunately, our genetics determine the shape and contours of our body. Yes, we can increase muscle tone and try to bring our body fat dramatically down to improve problem areas. But it is next to impossible to try to target specific body areas. In fact, women tend to lose fat first in areas where they do not have a lot of fat like their faces and arms before losing any problem fat.

Belly Fat

Women tend to deposit their fat on their lower bodies including thighs, hips and butts. Lateral thigh fat or saddlebags, big overall thighs or thunder thighs, and upper hip-lower back fat or muffin-tops are some common areas. Men deposit fat mainly in their bellies and waist. This leads to beer bellies and love handles. Hormonal changes during pregnancy and with aging, cause women to deposit fat on their abdomens too. While men lose fat where they first store it, mainly their abdomens, women lose fat in problem areas last.

There are many other problem body areas that tend to run in families. These include big arms, double chins, bra rolls, and even calves and ankles. If you have any of these, you can thank your parents!

 Lose Belly Fat

So the best way to lose fat is always diet and exercise. You must get your weight down close to your ideal body weight and maintain it. Exercise helps you maintain your weight and promote muscle mass. Unfortunately, men tend to lose belly fat easier than women with weight loss. Women will lose fat everywhere else until they begin to access their problem areas. Women are designed to maintain their fat stores for pregnancy and child rearing. So as a result, women will hold on to that problem fat while their faces and boobs deflate.

Body Contouring Surgery

body contouring surgeryWhen you have maximized diet and exercise or you just need a jump-start, body-contouring plastic surgery offers an ideal solution to problem areas. Now safer and easier than ever, body-contouring surgery can effectively remove body fat from anywhere on the body.

An experienced cosmetic surgeon has the ability to actually sculpt the body shape you want. Performed under local anesthesia, Smartlipo Laser Liposuction can remove resistant fat while restoring body contours. The procedure is performed while awake allowing movement by the patient to maximize fat removal and body contouring. The exciting thing is that you can see the fat removed from your body and you know that the results will be visible soon!  If there is a great deal of loose skin from pregnancy or massive weight loss, a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty may be required.

Body Contouring Laser

In areas with loose skin and needing fine sculpting, a body contouring laser like Smartlipo is used. The laser is used to melt fat and the heat leads to skin tightening. Chin and neck liposuction is ideal for laser use due to the small amount of fat and need for skin tightening.

Body Contouring Cost

Body contouring surgery used to involve going to a hospital and incurring all types of risks and expenses. Modern day body contouring surgery can now be performed safely under local anesthesia in outpatient facilities. As a result, the risk is minimized and the body contouring cost is greatly reduced. Body contouring surgery is more affordable than ever!

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