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Cellfina Cellulite Treatment!

Cellfina: A minimally invasive cellulite treatment that works!

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So what exactly is Cellfina Cellulite Treatment?

Cellfina cellulite treatment is a revolutionary new procedure that treats the actual cause of cellulite.   Millions of women are bothered by unsightly dimpling on their thighs and buttocks. Many have tried creams, wraps, and other procedures with little to no results.  The problem is that cellulite is caused by little bands that connect the skin to the deeper tissues.  This causes the fat to bulge between these bands and results in the dimpled, cottage cheese effect that we all hate.  Most of the old cellulite treatments do nothing to reduce these bands.  Cellfina cellulite treatment is different.

Cellfina actually cuts these bands, releasing the fat between them and reducing the dimples they cause.  This is all done in-office under local anesthesia.  After a local anesthetic is infiltrated into the area, the Cellfina instrument is inserted and the bands are released in multiple levels.  Results are almost instantaneous and results at 2 years are over 80%!

Is Cellfina safe?

Yes!  Performed using safe local anesthesia, the risks of the procedure are minimal.  Patients are back on their feet immediately and can resume normal activities in a day.  Common side effects of the Cellfina procedure include tenderness, bruising and swelling that resolve on their own.

Does Cellfina hurt?

No!  After a few injections of lidocaine the treatment area is numb.  The procedure is painless and you go home numb.

Does Cellfina work?

Yes! At three months after Cellfina, 85 percent of patients reported satisfaction, at one year after Cellfina 94 percent reported satisfaction and after two years, 96 percent of patients reported satisfaction, exceeding any other cellulite treatments currently out there.

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Comments ( 2 )

  • Nora Sadek says:

    hey i want liposuction but I want liposuction to tighten the skin and help against cellulite which fit makes me vases liposelection or SmartLipo triplex liposelection? the functioning best get that area greeting nora

    • Lawrence Broder says:

      Vaser and Smartlipo both offer some degree of skin tightening. I have also found aggressive liposuction can produce even more skin tightening. A free consultation is required to determine which procedure is best for you.


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