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NeoJuvenescence Lift: The New Facelift Alternative

Neo Juvenescencce before and afterThe days of the traditional facelift are waning. The pulled-back, unnatural appearance produced by the old facelift techniques is no longer satisfactory, nor is the expense. Traditional facelifts often leave unsightly scars and require general anesthesia with its potential risks of side effects.

There is a new facelift technique — the NeoJuvenescence Lift — that has stepped in to replace the traditional facelift. The name reflects the nature of the procedure: Juvenescence means to grow younger, and neo means new—the new ability to grow young.

The NeoJuvenescence Lift actually harnesses the body’s ability to heal and in the process, produces more natural looking results.

The NeoJuvenescence Lift Process

The NeoJuvenescence Lift restores the youthful volume and contours of the face, along with freshened, tighter skin.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, and is safe and effective. It starts with a fat transfer procedure that uses stem cell rich fat from another body site. Then SmartLipo laser liposuction is done on the chin and neck areas to remove double chins, reduce jowls, and tighten neck skin. A blood sample is then taken to isolate platelet rich plasma. This plasma contains natural growth factors that will stimulate stem cells and repair tissues.

The next steps involve the fat transfer and DOT therapy laser resurfacing. The CO2 fractional laser will remove the upper layer of skin to remove visible sun damage, and provide skin tightening. The fat transfer then rebuilds the cheek and brows to provide a plumper, more youthful appearance. The isolated plasma is then applied to the face to stimulate new cells and tissue repair.

The results are exceedingly dramatic with tighter skin, full cheek and brow areas, a more defined chin and jawline. The final benefit is that all of this accomplished by using the body’s healing ability. There are no large incisions, artificial fillers, or general anesthesia required.

The NeoJuvenescence Lift is less expensive than a traditional lift. The average cost for a traditional facelift is approximately $11,124, while a NeoJuvenescence Lift costs just $3,999. The results are much more natural looking, making this procedure a great alternative to the risks and possible complications of a traditional facelift.

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