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The NeoJuvenescence FaceLift: Only @Beleza Medspa.*

The FaceLift Alternative that Turns Back the Clock!*

  • Combines 4 state of the art procedures: Fat Transfer, Smartlipo, CO2 Laser Resurfacing & PRP!
  • Natural looking results without the artificial, pulled-back traditional facelift look.
  • Your body does the repair and rejuvenation to reverse the signs of aging.
  • Facelift results without face lift prices, downtime, risk and pain.
  • Performed under local anesthesia & starting at $4999 ($6500 value)

What is the Science Behind this Revolutionary Procedure?

The NeoJuvenescence FaceLift: Only at Beleza MedSpa!

We have all seen the results of traditional facelift surgery. It’s not hard to figure out who had a face lift as many have that unnatural, pulled-back appearance. Considering the cost, risks and results, the face lift is a procedure that has seen better times.  What if we could harness the body’s unique repair mechanisms to produce a more natural facelift? The NeoJuvenescence FaceLift™ just does that. Combining a series of cutting-edge surgical and non-surgical procedures, the NeoJuvenescence FaceLift™ restores youthful facial volume and contours while draping freshened and tighter skin over it.

facelift alternative

NJL Lift Patient Before

facelift alternative

NJL Lift Patient After

Actual NJL Lift patient but results vary from patient to patient.

Step One: Local Anesthesia

Using safe tumescent anesthesia, we will infuse a lidocaine solution into the area where fat will be harvested (usually the abdomen).  We also numb up the chin and neck.  You are awake but relaxed with oral sedatives.

Step Two: Fat Harvesting

We will carefully remove some fat the donor area using liposuction cannulas.  We will spin this fat down to remove the fluid and then place it into sterile syringes.

Step Three: Laser Resurfacing

We will use a CO2 fractional laser to remove the upper sun damaged layers of skin of your face and neck.  The laser will also put heat into the deeper layer of skin to stimulate your own collagen formation.

Step Four:  PRP

We will draw some tubes of blood to separate Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).  The PRP is rich with growth factors that we will use on your laser treated skin as well as with your fat transfer.

Step Five: Smartlipo Chin & Neck

Using the Smartlipo Liposuction, we will remove the fat causing a double chin as well as jowls.  We will then suction this liquid fat away.  The heat also causes tightening of the neck skin.

Step Six: Fat Transfer

We use the previously harvested fat to inject fat into your cheeks, brow, chin, lips and wherever else you need volume.

Step Seven: Discharge

We clean you up and apply creams to your skin and place you into a chin/neck compression garment.  You are back on your feet immediately and go home without pain.

Neojuvenescence FaceLift Advantages:

Local Anesthesia=Safety & Convenience

Performed entirely under local anesthesia with minimal sedation, the NeoJuvenescence Lift™ is safe and effective. The procedure begins with fat transfer that harvests stem cell rich fat from a donor site. Attention is then turned to the chin and neck area where Smartlipo Liposuction is performed. This phase of the treatment removes double chins, tightens neck skin and reduces the jowls. A blood sample is then drawn to isolate platelet rich plasma (PRP). PRP has a wealth of natural growth factors that can stimulate stem cells and induce tissue repair.

The last phase of the procedure involves CO2 laser resurfacing and facial fat transfer. A CO2 fractional laser is used to remove the upper layer of skin containing visible sun damage as well as providing collagen stimulation and overall skin tightening. The previously harvested fat is then transferred to the face to rebuild volume and youthful contours. Finally, the PRP is applied throughout the face to stimulate the stem cell differentiation into new cells and induce tissue repair.

Incredible Natural Results*

The results of the NeoJuvenescence Lift™ are nothing but dramatic. The skin looks tighter and fresher, the cheeks and brow appear fuller while the jawline and chin are better defined. This is all accomplished by using only your body’s ability to repair itself. No artificial fillers, large incisions or general anesthesia is necessary. Just natural results with natural face-lift alternative!

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