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NeoGraft FUE Hair Transplant*

It’s Simple: Less Scars and Better Hair Graft Survival with NeoGraft!*

neograft austin

Performed awake under local anesthesia, painless.
High take rate of transplanted grafts.*
No long scars or long recovery.
Affordable with no interest financing available.
All skin types and both men and women.
Dr. Broder supervises a team of experienced Neograft Hair Transplant technicians.
*Actual results vary from patient to patient

Get the Hairline You Once Had In One Session Without A Big Scar.

neograft austin

neograft austin tx

Dr Broder performing Neograft procedure.

Restore Your Hairline with Neograft*

Your hairline has been receding for years and now its making you look older and less attractive.  You would do just about anything to get some of your hairline back.  The good news is that hair transplant technology has become better than ever with the introduction of Neograft.  Based on the hair transplant principle of follicular unit extraction (FUE), NeoGraft Hair Transplant automates and streamline this process.   As a result, NeoGraft FUE Hair Transplant delivers consistent results that are natural looking without noticeable scars and quick recovery.  Neograft is the ideal procedure to restore a youthful hairline while easily fitting into your busy life.

neograft hair transplant austinWhat is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)?

Back when your dad had a hair transplant, the only method around was something called follicular unit transplantation (FUT) or strip harvesting. What this meant was a large strip of scalp was actually stripped from the back of the head where the hair was still growing.   Not only did this leave a large linear scar but also a significant recovery period.  Technicians would then, in a very tedious process, separate individual hair follicles from the harvested strip.  These follicles were then transplanted into the new hairline.  The problems with this procedure included a large visible scar, inconsistent results, prolonged treatment sessions and graft trauma (leading to lower graft survival), and a significant recovery period.

neograft austin

The next innovation was the development of follicular unit extraction (FUE).  Instead of a strip of scalp, groups of 1-4 hair follicles were individually harvested.  No long scar was necessary, but replaced with multiple, smaller circular scars.   The problem with FUE Hair Transplant was that is it is very technically difficult.   The grafts could be accidentally transected and prolonged procedure time could hurt graft quality.  So even though FUE Hair Transplant had many advantages, it also had many problems.

neograft before and after

NeoGraft: Game Changing Technology Comes to FUE Hair Transplant

The NeoGraft Hair Transplant system uses a special technology that is able to quickly remove the hair follicles from the donor area and implant them to balding areas.  NeoGraft uses a controlled suction to slide out the graft smoothly, so there is no pulling or twisting which can risk damaging the graft. Because the NeoGraft transplant is faster than other out of date methods, the grafts can be re-implanted sooner which keeps them more robust, increasing the success of the grafting process.  The NeoGraft automated hair transplantation system is the only complete harvesting system on the market and has the only ‘NO TOUCH’ implantation technology.  Neograft FUE Hair Transplant offers a level of efficiency that allows more grafts to be harvested in a shorter time, saving you both time and money.  The faster process and less handling of the grafts leads to a greater than 90% take rate and better results!  NeoLTS light therapy has been shown to further improve graft survival and take rate.

hair transplant in austinIs NeoGraft Right for Me?

The most important deciding factor is the availability of donor hair.  Those with moderate hair loss and plentiful donor hair are the best candidates.  Neograft Hair Transplant can produce a natural looking result but will never be able to return the full density of youth.  A free consultation is necessary to evaluate your specific situation and provide a personalized treatment plan.

Can Neograft be performed on Women and African-Americans?

Yes, neograft is effective for all genders and skin types.  In fact, we are seeing increasing numbers of women seeking hair transplant everyday!

How many Neograft sessions do I need?

This is a personal question and depends on your hair loss, density in donor area, previous procedures, desired level of hair restoration and availability of funds.  The good thing is that the Neograft donor sites are scattered leaving many areas for future harvesting.  The other thing to remember that most hair loss is progressive and will continue after the procedure.  Since the hair grafts come from loss resistant areas, they are not usually affected.  However, surrounding native hair could continue to be lost requiring follow-up Neograft hair transplant procedures.

Who will be performing my Neograft procedure?

Dr Broder supervises a team of experienced Neograft FUE Hair Transplant technicians, hand-picked and trained by the company.  These ‘Neografters’ perform these procedures everyday and have tremendous experience in hair transplant.  Dr Broder will see you in preop and approve you for the procedure as well as discuss the number and placement of the grafts.  On the day of your procedure, Dr Broder will supervise and plan your Neograft in collaboration with the Neograft technicians.  Dr Broder is trained in all aspects of the Neograft procedure and  your safety, comfort and results are all our main priorities.

When will I see my Neograft results?

This is the exciting apart.  After being transplanted, many of the hair follicles will go dormant and shed their hairs for the first 1-2 months.  Don’t be discouraged!  At the 4-6 month mark many of the follicles will start growing and you will start to see visible hairs.  Final results are at about one year.

Make your free Neograft FUE Hair Transplant Consultation today and begin your hair restoration journey!


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