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Did you see Kim Kardashian have the Microneedling with PRP Facelift?

Recently on her reality show, Kim Kardashian had a Microneedling with PRP Facelift performed.  The pictures she released were dramatic and caused quite a stir.  Reactions ranged from shock to curiosity.  So what exactly did Kim have done?  What is Microneedling with PRP Facelift?  Why did her face look like that?

kim vampire facelift

The Microneedling with PRP Facelift.

The Microneedling with PRP Facelift is a cosmetic dermatology procedure that combines a dermal filler with platelet rich plasma (PRP).   PRP is prepared by obtaining a blood sample and separating the platelets from the blood.  The platelets are then activated to release their growth factors.  These growth factors attract new cells, repair damage and stimulate new tissue growth.  A dermal filler like Juvederm or Radiesse is combined with PRP to provide volume.

The combination of the facial filler and PRP leads to rejuvenation of the skin and improved appearance.  Although it has a scary name, the Microneedling with PRP Facelift, is a safe and natural treatment.

Why does her face look like that?

The Microneedling with PRP Facelift is usually administered with several injections.  It has the same side effects of any cosmetic injections like swelling, redness and bruising.   Kim had another type of PRP injection performed.  She had microneedling or Dermapen used to make small perforations in the skin. The PRP was then placed on the surface of her skin to be absorbed through the perforations. This gave Kim’s face the bloody appearance you see in the pictures!

So who is the Microneedling with PRP Facelift for?

Kim is young at 32 and appears to have good skin.  Since it is a rejuvenation procedure, the Microneedling with PRP Facelift is ideal for aging skin and/or those with advanced sun damage.  The PRP injections can be performed alone, added to a filler as in the Microneedling with PRP Facelift, added to a fat transfer procedure or added after DOT laser therapy.  These procedures can be combined depending on the individualized needs of the patient.

What is Microneedling with PRP Facelift Cost?

The Microneedling with PRP Facelift not only uses your own PRP, but includes a syringe of dermal filler. Depending on the filler used and the amount of PRP prepared, the Microneedling with PRP Facelift cost runs between $1200-$1500.

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