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Microcannula Dermal Filler Injections

Do You Want Dermal Fillers but Hate The Pain and Bruising?*

The Microcannula dermal filler technique offers a new way to deliver fillers. Using a blunt, hollow cannula, needle sticks and entry points can be minimized, thereby reducing pain and the chance of bruising.   Microcannulas are ideal for the injection of hyaluronic gels like Juvederm and Restylane, as well as Radiesse and Artefill longer-lasting fillers.

What are the benefits of a microcannula over a traditional needle?*

  • Much Reduced Pain and Much Safer!
  • Less chance of  Bleeding.
  • Less chance of  Bruising.
  • Less Tissue Trauma & Swelling and Faster Recovery!

How does the microcannula get into the skin?

A  traditional needle is used to make a small entry point into the skin that is slightly larger than the microcannula. The blunt microcannula is then inserted and advanced to the areas where filler is needed.  The long length of the microcannula allows access to many facial areas from one entry point.  The microcannula also slide gently between your tissue while needles cut and tear.

How many entry points will I need?

Lips, will require only two – one at each end of the lip area. These same entry points can be utilized for additional filler injections around the mouth, nose and even the lower cheek area. More extensive full face rejuvenation (cheeks, lip, mouth area, chin) will likely require 4 points of entry.

So there is no chance of bruising?

Unfortunately, there is still a slight chance of bruising.  Certain drugs like aspirin, ibuprofen, Vitamin E, fish oil or blood thinners will increase your risk of bruising. But the use of a blunt cannula over a sharp needle makes a big difference in the risk of bruising.

Why isn’t your current Dermal Filler Injector use a Microcannula?  All Beleza Medspa injectors are trained in their use for all dermal fillers.  Get your free consultation now to find out more about how the microcannula technique can benefit you.