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How to Lose Weight & Keep it Off!

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Losing weight is probably the most difficult challenge many of us will face in life.   The evidence is clear that obesity is detrimental to your health and will shorten your life.  We all know that we need to eat less and better foods, but why is it so hard to accomplish this?  Why is it so hard to keep it off if we do lose the weight?  Well, we are up against our evolution, poor eating habits passed down from our families, a food system that turns out cheap nutritionally deficient foods, and a culture of eating out and overeating as well as a lack of physical activity.

Why we eat.

The process of eating when you get down to it, is designed to provide the nutrients necessary to maintain your physiology.   The systems that control feeding were developed during our evolution.  They were developed when food was scarce and energy had to be expended to find it.   There were no processed foods and most food sources were not calorically dense.  As a result, our bodies are designed to hold onto all calories when there is an excess of food available.  Unfortunately for us now, there is virtually an infinite supply of calories available at all times.  even worse, no calories have to be used to find it! (drive-thru).

What is nutrition?

Most of us never really learn about proper nutrition and eating.   We are taught by our families to eat what tastes good when we are hungry and to eat as much as possible.   Most of us do not know what our bodies need nor what really is in the food we are eating.   Furthermore, we have linked our eating to dealing with stress, boredom and depression as well as a social activity.  In actuality, our bodies have specific needs for nutrients that must be met.  We need to understand what these nutrients are and where we can find them.  We need to learn to ‘eat to live’ and not ‘live to eat’.  If we can approach food and eating with this knowledge, weight loss and a healthy life will follow.

Bad food.

Somewhere in the 80s, our food system was hijacked by corporate America.  Nutritional knowledge was thrown out the window and push was made to produce cheap foods.  Driven by government subsidies and corporate farming practices, corn, potatoes, soy and flour became the staples of the American diet.  Nutrient poor corn is now infused throughout our food supply as corn syrup and animal feed.  It is calorie dense and so cheap that it has spawned the entire fast food industry.  Your drive thru meal with corn fed beef, corn syrup laced soda and fried potatoes is the result.  Our supermarkets abound with cheap, nutritionally deficient, processed ‘foods’.  U.S. taxpayers spend billions of dollars a year to subsidize these cheap foods that are literally killing us.  Did you ever wonder why it is so much cheaper to buy an entire fast food meal than to make a salad?


To make matters worse, coupled with our evolution and bad food supply, are societal pressures.   We are constantly bombarded by advertising for bad foods and eating out.  This starts in childhood with cereals, candy and fast food and continues into adulthood.   We now eat out more than ever and a recent study of restaurant menus found that more than 96% of them were unhealthy!   Portion sizes are out of control and most appetizers have more calories than most of us need in an entire day!  Our culture has also emphasized overeating and drinking when we socialize and during all events like sports, concerts and parties.   Feel bored or stressed?   Eat or drink something to make you feel better!

No exercise.

The final straw to this mess, is our lack of physical activity.  Most of us do not have jobs that require any physical activity.   We do not spend any calories to find our food anymore and most avoid physical activity altogether. With our unchecked intake of calories and with no ability to burn them, no wonder we are all getting fat!

How to lose weight and keep it off!

So what can we do to save our lives?  It is not easy as most of these habits are lifelong and cultural.

1. We need to understand our evolutionary physiology.  We must choose foods that are nutritionally dense (usually calorie poor), and eat smaller meals more frequently.  This works with our physiology to maintain our weight.

2. We must learn how to eat.  You must know what protein, carbohydrates and fats are.  Which foods contain them and how much of each you need.  You can then make the food choices necessary to give your body what it needs.  Shop on the perimeter of the supermarket and buy food at local farmers markets.

3. Stay away from processed foods.  They are almost all bad!  Eat mostly things that are grown.   Shield your children from TV and advertising and teach them about good foods and how to eat.

4. Eat out as little as possible!  Eat appetizers!  Make your own lunch.  Avoid overeating and drinking when socializing.  Bring fruit with you to work.

5. Exercise!   Get out there and get your heart rate up and sweat!  Besides weight maintenance, exercise has so many other benefits not to be believed!

So how does the Medical Weight Loss diet fit into this?

Well if you are reading this and are obese now, you are going to have to do something about it.  Every pound of fat is 3500 calories so to lose 10 pounds will require you to be negative 35,000 calories!  So to lose weight, you will have to take in less calories each day than what your body requires (the hardest part).  The Medical Weight Loss diet offers a nutritional boot camp to help you do this.  It couples a low calorie (500) diet with the use of a hormone.   We teach you about food, portion control and how to eat.  The hormone is not a miracle drug but allows you to more easily tolerate the low calorie diet.   At the end of the program, you will have shed the pounds and will possess the knowledge of how to eat.  Our goal is to stabilize you at this new weight.

Get help now!

We want you to understand why you are obese and what you are up against.  Once you understand this, we can help you tackle your obesity.  The Medical Weight Loss diet is a tool that allows you to meet your goals and maintain them.  If you are ready to meet this challenge, we are here to help you!


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