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Medical Weight Loss Diet Case Study #1*

Weight Loss Diet Austin at Beleza Medspa

Lose Weight Fast and Safe!

Patient is a 38 yo female who participated in the Weight Loss Diet Austin program. Patient started program 2/23/2010. Her first weigh in was 189.4; BMI-31.5; Body Fat %-43.2, Body Water- 41.5%; Muscle Mass-98.0. The patient completed three 40day cycles of our Weight Loss Diet Austin program over a year and completed her last round on 2/17/2011. Patient’s final weight was 128.6; BMI- 21.4, Body Fat %-25.8, Body Water- 51.4%; Muscle Mass-96.2. Therefore, the patient lost 61lbs, and less than 2lbs of that was muscle. She lost 10 points off her BMI and almost 20% body fat.
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