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Looking for help with weight loss?

We are all bombarded with books and commercials for new diets and weight loss programs. Celebrities tout the benefits of the latest diet that allows you to eat anything.  Fad diets come and go. How you choose the right diet?  The first problem is that most of these programs are temporary and unsustainable.  Anyone can eat diet food for a month and lose some weight.   Unless fundamental changes are made in your approach to food, the extra weight will return.  An effective weight loss program will actually teach you about nutrition

Nutrition and Medical Weight Loss

Human nutrition is the provision to obtain the essential nutrients necessary to support life and health.  Notice there is nothing here about tasting good and feeling good.  When we eat, we should be looking for foods high in nutrients that support our bodies.   Before all we had all our modern conveniences, we had to spend a great deal of our time gathering and preparing food.  Due to the effort and time this took,  we focused on foods that provided the most nutrients.   Foods that tasted good were a luxury.  Today, this balance is upside down.  Factory farming and the corporate takeover of our food supply has allowed nutrient poor but highly palatable foods to become the norm.  Corporations have figured out that fat, salt and sugar are the key ingredients to human food cravings.  They have deliberately manipulated our food supply to promote these ingredients over all other nutrients.  As a result, we are pushed a steady diet of processed foods that are cheap and taste good while providing very little in real nutrition.  This has led to the phenomenon of the malnourished obese.  Government subsidies for these food industries has made matters worse, as the price of these nutrient poor foods is kept artificially low.

Not only have corporations figured out what foods we crave, but they have also mastered the art of selling it to us.  Television is awash in commercials pushing these nutrient poor foods in carefully crafted commercials.  The indoctrination begins with our children who are pushed sugar in cereals, candy and soda.  So not only are we provided with foods we cannot turn down, we are almost tricked into craving them more!

Food Addiction and Medical Weight Loss

So what are we really dealing with here?  Its an addiction of food.   We have been trained to seek out these tasty and satisfying foods whenever we are hungry, our ‘fix’.  Just like an addict, many of our social events, sporting events provide an atmosphere of promoting overeating of these nutrient poor foods.   Treating an addiction requires more than a one month diet.

Medical Weight Loss Austin TX

The key to losing weight is more than 95% with your diet.   Every pound of extra fat contains 3500 calories. Most of us need around 2000 calories a day to function.  To lose weight, you have to consume less than your body needs each day.  You can do this on your own, but it is very difficult and dangerous. A medical weight loss program does this under a supervision of a physician and a nutritionist. The goal is to have you lose the weight needed and then provide you the skills necessary to keep it off. Breaking the food addiction is possible, but not easy.  It will require complete avoidance of these foods for a period as we reset your appetite and cravings.  We will teach you about nutrient rich foods and eating smaller portions.  Most of us have never been taught about nutrition and this knowledge will help you succeed.  We call this our ‘nutritional boot camp’ as we help you get the weight off, break the food addiction and teach you the nutritional skills for a healthy life.  Learn more and book a free consultation here.

How about weight loss pills?

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