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Coolsculpting Reviews

Coolsculpting Reviews @Beleza Medspa

coolsculpting reviews
Lacy L.

4 minis for flank area
$800 per area; (4 or more discount; $600 ea area) total $2400.

I’ve followed cool sculpting for years & finally decided it was for me. I called around many places for pricing & availability & after a quick consult that scheduled the next day after I decided Beleza was where I was going.
The staff was very knowledgable. Personally, I’m a fan of the cross training, everyone seemed to be very knowledgeable vs just the person doing the procedure. It seemed everyone was happy to be working there, which tells me a lot about the company as a whole.
I was scheduled for the next week.
The room was private & I felt very comfortable the whole time w/ the RN who did my procedure. She had her flow down, like she’d done it a million times, which helped put me at ease.
The application and procedure didn’t hurt one bit. The part I wasn’t prepared for was when the applicator is removed & blood begins to rush back to the area.
Immediately after removing the machine, the nurse quickly massaged the area while it was still numb, which is part of procedure. I felt like such an embarrassed baby, but the nurse was so sweet and made me feel like it ain’t no thang, which helped me feel more comfortable to keep going until all four areas were done.

The front staff is so personable & you leave feeling like family. I’m going back next week for fupa & upper arms to be sculpted, excited to say hi to everyone there.
Thanks So 1st team!!