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Lose Man Boobs!

What are Man Boobs?

Man boobs or Moobs or medically known as gynecomastia, is a condition of excessive breast tissue growth in men.  It can start when you are younger due to hormonal changes.   It usually resolves in adulthood but can linger on.  In adult men it typically appears after the use of supplements.  Excessive use of steroid hormones allows production of estrogen and the growth of man boobs.   True gynecomastia is due to breast tissue growth that can be identified as a lump right under the nipple.  Sometimes the tissue is tender and can cause significant discomfort.  Men can also develop man boobs as a result of obesity.  The breast has an overall enlarged appearance with stretched out skin.  This is known as pseudogynecomastia and usually lacks the dense tissue under the nipple.

man boobsWhatever the cause, man boobs or gynecomastia or pseudogyecomastia, is a serious condition for men and boys.  Embarrassment and lack of self esteem can result and some men will never take their shirts off in public.   This can hurt relationships and affect one’s quality of life.

How to Lose Man Boobs with Man Boob Surgery.*

Unfortunately, once the breast tissue has grown, it typically will not resolve.  True gynecomastia requires a cosmetic surgery procedure (subcutaneous mastectomy) to remove the breast tissue under the nipple.  The good thing is that this can be done in-office under local anesthesia.  A saline solution containing lidocaine is instilled into the tissue.  This leads to almost immediate numbness that lasts more than 8-12 hours.  There is no need for general anesthesia or ‘going under’.  Oral or IV sedation is available to help with any anxiety.  As a result, the procedure is very safe and you are back on your feet immediately when the surgery is done.

The incision is made in around the border of the areola (brown part) of the nipple and the scarring there is minimal.  After the procedure you have to wear a tight vest for several weeks and avoid heavy lifting.  If the man boobs are due more to fat, then liposuction of the chest will also be necessary.  The fat in the chest is very tough and may require several tools to help remove it.  Smartlipo Laser and Vaser Ultrasonic liposuction are typically used to assist the removal of the fat.  The chest wall can be contoured to a more pleasing appearance.  Liposuction can be combined with excision for complete removal of man boobs.

The vast majority of the time, the loose skin on the breast will retract naturally after the procedure.  But if it’s excessive, further excision of skin may be necessary for optimal results.   The breast tissue removed can also be sent for pathological examination to look for breast cancer.  Although very rare, men can get breast cancer.

Want to Get of Rid Man Boobs once and for all?

lose man boobs

Dr Broder patient before

lose man boobs

Dr Broder patient after

These plastic surgery procedures usually have high satisfaction rates and can be life changing.  If you would like a free consultation to find out more please click here.  Dr Broder has performed hundreds of gynecomastia surgery procedures in the Austin area.  He combines excision of the breast tissue with body contouring using liposuction for optimal results.  He is well known in the bodybuilding community for his work.  He performs all of his procedures under local anesthesia which leads to increased safety, less downtime and less expense.

If you have had gynecomastia for a long period of time, now is the time to deal with it.   In a couple of hours, we can remove your man boobs and you can move forward with your life.  Contact us now for a free consultation to discuss how we can help you.

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