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Lose Weight with the Ideal Protein Diet*

The Ideal Protein Diet Can Help You Burn Fat and Control Your Appetite.

ideal protein austinYou know it’s time to do something about your weight and you need help.  Excess weight is hurting your appearance and self-esteem and you know your health is suffering.  With so many diets out there, where do you go?  The important thing to remember is that it took a lifetime of bad habits and misinformation for you to put on that weight.   There is no quick cure but the Ideal Protein Diet offers a safe, medically supervised system for you to lose weight and keep it off.

How Does the Ideal Protein Diet Work?

Our bodies run on sugar.  Blood sugar is critical for brain function and many other tissues including muscle.  Our blood sugar is tightly controlled by the hormone insulin which is secreted by the pancreas.   Insulin works to remove sugar from the blood and stores excess sugar as fat.  So when you eat more sugar or carbohydrates that turn into sugar (flour, bread, pasta, cereal, etc.) than your body needs, the excess is turned directly into fat.  With high carbohydrate diets, our insulin levels are constantly high.  High insulin levels promote fat storage and cause hunger and cravings.  So we are constantly hungry and producing more and more fat.  We have become fat factories!

ideal protein austinHow do we reverse this vicious cycle?  It’s relatively easy!  The low-fat, high carbohydrate diets that have been promoted to the public are all wrong.  We are meant to get most of our calories from fats and proteins.  Our carbohydrates should come from fruits and vegetables which tend to be more complex, nutrient dense and filled with fiber.  If we remove the simple sugar and flour from our diet, our bodies must look for another source of blood sugar.  This is what our fat stores are for!   Our body is forced to breakdown fat to produce blood sugar.  So now the insulin levels are low and fat is being consumed instead of being produced.  Plus fat and protein and low insulin levels suppress our appetites.  The result is that the fat factory is shut down!

The Ideal Protein diet provides high quality protein and supplements to help you make this difficult transition.   This is not just a dietary change, this is dealing with an addition to food, especially carbohydrates.  The Ideal Protein Diet is designed to assist you with breaking this addiction while shifting your body into a fat burning mode.  The high quality Ideal Protein is designed to help you preserve muscle mass and force your body into solely relying on fat as its primary fuel source.  When you become a fat burner, the pounds will start to come off and stay off.

Ideal Protein Benefits:

  • Medically Supervised and Safe
  • Personalized Plan based on your body composition
  • High Quality Supplements designed to support transition to fat burning & preserve muscle mass
  • Weekly Coaching
  • Long Term Weight Loss Success

Why Ideal Protein Diet at Beleza Medspa?

We have helped many patients gain control over their eating in the last 8 years.  Our Weight Loss Diet has successfully aided many patients in reaching their weight loss goals.  We are proud to offer the Ideal Protein Diet as an alternative program to achieve long-term weight loss.  We have experienced weight loss counselors at all our locations.  Schedule your consultation now to learn more about how the Ideal Protein Diet can help you.