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Liposuction Cost Austin

What does liposuction cost?

liposuction cost austin

You have done all the research and you have decided liposuction is the right procedure for me.  The next question is can I afford it? The simple answer is that the cost of liposuction is more affordable than ever.  Advances in local anesthesia, outpatient surgery and competition have driven down the liposuction cost.  Even more important, downtime has been significantly reduced so missing work is a thing of the past.

liposuction cost austin

So how is liposuction priced?

The usual way of determining liposuction cost is by counting the desired areas to be treated.  More areas equals higher cost.  But every area on the body and areas between individuals can vary significantly.  Some patients can have more fat than others, looser skin and some body areas are more time-consuming to treat than others.  So most practices have a per body area liposuction cost and adjust the pricing depending on these other factors.

What is considered a liposuction body area?

The generally agreed upon standard is the body area covered by two hands.  So a full abdomen liposuction would be considered  3 areas: the upper abdomen (above belly button), lower abdomen and love handles (not including flanks).

What are the other factors that affect liposuction cost?

There are many other expenses to consider when looking at liposuction procedures.  Where the procedure is performed may incur a facility charge.  The anesthesia selected, especially general anesthesia will cost much more.  The surgeon may charge a separate fee and there there may be additional fees for labs, garments, etc.  As you can see, the cost of liposuction can get out of control quickly if you are not careful.

So how do I choose a liposuction surgeon?

Obviously cost should not be your only determining factor.  The quality of the most expensive liposuction procedure may be equivalent or even below the cheapest liposuction price.  It is important to look at the surgeons experience, results, photos and reviews.  This will give you a much better feel for the actual value of the surgeon’s liposuction services.

Liposuction cost Austin at Beleza Medspa.

First off, we do free consultations that will honestly assess your needs and determine what is possible.  We give you an all-inclusive quote that includes your preop exam, procedure, local anesthesia, compression garment and all follow-up.  We aim to give you a very fair liposuction price that will allow you to have a great experience without worrying about money.  Come in for your free liposuction Austin cost consultation so we can begin you body transformation today!