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Are you looking for Liposuction Austin Reviews?

Read some of the reviews of Cosmetic Surgeon Lawrence Broder MD at Body By Beleza.  Dr Broder has been performing smartlipo laser liposuction for 6 years and has performed more than 1000 individual patient procedures.  Dr Broder has built a brand new office based surgery suite with all the amenities and safety features you would expect.  He is an expert at body contouring and sculpting using the smartlipo laser , vaser ultrasound and power assisted liposuction.  More and more patients are now asking for fat transfer to the buttocks, breasts and face.  Dr Broder has the skills and experience to transfer your fat safely and successfully.

This following video testimonial is from an actual patient at Beleza Medspa.  She details her entire experience from the procedure to her follow-up and recovery.  She describes how the smartlipo laser liposuction has changed her life and improved her self esteem.


“Over the years, I’ve had small, non-invasive procedures done at Medspas in Austin.  When the time came to do something more substantial (SmartLipo and Fat Transfer) I started shopping around. I looked at four major Medspas in town and settled on Beleza because their office was helpful, and Dr. Broder is the most experienced SmartLipo practitioner around. When I went to Beleza to discuss my options, I was given information about different procedures, the results I could expect and a price breakdown for each. Beleza consultants were knowledgeable, professional and took time to review all my questions and concerns. I later met with Dr. Broder who was low-key, attentive and put me at ease.  After my procedure I had follow-up visits, and again, everyone was great, giving me useful tips and suggestions for post-op recovery. I love my results, no one can tell I had anything “done,” and I look at least 5 years younger.”

When choosing your liposuction surgeon, carefully read his reviews.  Explore his background and realize that no specific type of surgeon or board certification guarantee you the results you want.  That’s why reviews  and before and after pictures are so important.  They allow you to gauge the surgeon’s real abilities as opposed to what he or she thinks they are doing.  Liposuction is more of an art than a science and artistic skill cannot always be learned.  Dr Broder has the expert surgical skills as well as the artistic eye to produce high quality liposuction results.


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