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Laser liposuction Cost

What is the Laser Liposuction Cost in Austin TX?

At Beleza Medspa our laser liposuction cost is determined by the area of the body involved.   An area of the body is defined by what can be covered by two hands.  So liposuction for the lower abdomen would be one area, the upper abdomen another and the love handles, a third.  So an entire abdomen would be three areas.  Other  laser liposuction areas include both arms, outer thighs, inner thighs, bra rolls, flanks and chin/neck.

Why are Some Other Practices offering Cheaper per Area Pricing for laser liposuction?

Make sure you are not comparing apples to oranges.  They could be counting the lower abdomen as two areas so your laser liposuction price would be actually higher than our one area lower abdomen.  Always ask for the definition of an area before committing to anything.

What does the Laser Liposuction Cost include?

The Laser Liposuction cost at Beleza Medspa includes your preoperative physical and lab work, the actual procedure and anesthesia, your compression garment, all follow-up visits, and a postoperative lymphatic massage.  Be careful of other practices that charge you separately for anesthesia, facility fees, compression garments, etc.  These extra fees can exceed the price of liposuction itself!

What happens if I cannot afford the laser liposuction cost now?

We partner with many medical financing companies to offer you no-interest financing for laser liposuction.  Depending on your credit, we can usually obtain financing for the full cost of the procedure.  But remember to make your payments on time or risk losing the no-interest benefit.  Some of our partners includeCareCredit and MyMedicalLoan.  We can help you with the application or you can apply prior to your visit.

Is the Laser Liposuction cost a good investment?

Anything that makes you feel good and restores your confidence is a good investment in yourself.  As long as you lose weight or maintain your weight, the liposuction results will last a lifetime.  Many patients use liposuction as a springboard to further weight loss and physical fitness goals.  We have many patients whose lives were changed both professionally and personally by their liposuction procedure.

Can you match competitors quotes for laser liposuction?

If your bring your written quote to your consultation, we will review it and try to match the laser liposuction price it if it is similar to our criteria for areas and included extras.

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