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juvederm costHow much does Juvederm cost?

When you buy Juvederm, you are basically paying for the cost of the syringe.  The cost of injecting it is built into that price.  Juvederm comes in 1.0 cc syringes.  So each syringe you purchase will give you the equivalent of 1.0 cc of volume.

Why does Juvederm cost so much?

When you consider that you are purchasing a highly refined medical product and the skills and artistry of an injector, the Juvederm price is not really that bad.  Considering there is not really any other option besides surgery involving implants or fat transfer to restore facial volume, the Juvederm cost is a bargain.  Plus, if you take into account that Juvederm injections can be performed safely in office with little downtime, the cost of Juvederm is even more reasonable.

I have a tight budget, is Juvederm for me?

Yes and no.  Dermal fillers like Juvederm are all about adding volume.  If you do not put enough volume in, you will see little to no results.  So if you need 2 or more syringes of Juvederm and can only afford one, you are better off waiting.  Juvederm injections can be life-changing and are a worthy investment.  Plus, properly placed Juvederm, especially Voluma, can last for years.

How can I save on Juvederm Cost?

Many practices will discount the Juvederm syringes if you buy more than one.  It just makes sense to make it easier for you to purchase the right amount of Juvederm to get the best results.  There are many other discounts offered at Beleza Medspa including Beleza Babe Vip Program, Brilliant Distinctions and Essential packages where you can lower the Juvederm cost even more.

The other way to save on Juvederm, is to improve the overall condition of your skin.  If you work to increase collagen production and skin elasticity, the effects of Juvederm injections will be increased.  This can be accomplished with use of products like retinols and growth factors and procedures like microneedling and fractional laser resurfacing.

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