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Is Hair Transplant Permanent?

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Is Hair Transplant Permanent?

Yes.  The hair follicles that are transplanted to the areas of hair loss are there forever.  The key is for the hair follicles to survive or ‘take’ in the new area.  However, one must remember that the same factors that led to hair loss are still present and can negatively affect the transplanted follicles.

How Does Hair Transplant Work?

Hair Transplant Surgery has come a long way since when it was developed in the 50s.  The days of “plugs” and “strips” have been replaced by new techniques and new technology.  Beleza Medspa offers experienced Neograft hair transplant technicians, low hair transplant costs and Neograft hair transplant technology.  We believe we offer some of the best hair transplant in Texas.  Let’s look at some of the top questions and answers about hair transplant.

Does hair transplant work?

Yes!  Hair transplant surgery basically involves moving hair follicles from one area of the scalp to another.   It is commonly used to treat male pattern baldness.  Male pattern baldness primarily affects the top and sides of the scalp and causes those hair follicles to go dormant.  Men with male pattern baldness usually present with a receding hairline.  The cause of male pattern baldness is genetics and the hormone testosterone.

The interesting thing about male pattern baldness, is that genetically resistant hair follicles remain in men with hair loss.  These hair follicles are usually present on the back and sides of the scalp.  Hair transplantation involves harvesting these resistant hair follicles and transplanting them to bald areas.  These resistant hair follicles are able to permanently produce hair in bald areas of the scalp.

What is follicular unit extraction FUE Hair Transplant?

There are two main methods of harvesting hair follicles from the donor areas.  The older way is called strip harvesting.  This actually involves removing a section of the scalp in the back of the head.  This strip of scalp would then be cut up into smaller groups of hair follicles.  The disadvantage of this method is that there is a long incision that requires staples, recovery and leaves a long scar.

Follicular unit extraction FUE Hair Transplant individually harvests the hair follicles directly from the resistant donor area.  Hair naturally grows in groups of 1-4 hairs.  FUE extracts these natural groups of hair follicles.  Once they are harvested, they require no processing and are immediately ready for transplant. In contrast to the strip technique, FUE does not require hours of extracting hair follicles from the strip of scalp.  The less time involved in handling the hair follicles and the faster they are implanted, can lead to a better take rate, or survival rate.

FUE also leaves multiple, small circular scars that are easily concealed in the hair of the donor area.  The strip method scar is very difficult to conceal and is usually, easy to recognize.

What is Neograft Hair Transplant?

Neograft is a further refinement of the FUE procedure.  The Neograft machine basically involves a specially designed hand piece that allows the harvesting of follicular units and immediately transporting them to a safe container.  Neograft uses a punch and air pressure to remove the follicles from the scalp.  This avoids trauma to the follicles and keeps them moist in the container.  Neograft can decrease the harvesting time and possibly lead to healthier hair follicles for transplant.

What is the Hair Transplant Austin Cost?

Beleza Medspa has been performing Neograft hair transplant surgery since 2014.  Our goal as always, is to give our patients the best results at the best prices.  As a result, our hair transplant cost is designed to give you the most bang for your buck.  We want you to spend your money on grafts and results, not profit.  Our hair transplant Austin cost:

$5.00/graft for <2000 grafts
$4.25/graft with 2000 graft minimum
$3.50/graft after 2000 graft minimum

Minimum 2000 grafts with FREE NeoLTS LED therapy

Where are Hair Transplant Austin reviews?

Read some of our hair transplant Austin reviews from our happy patients here.

Do you have hair transplant reviews?

Yes! We have many satisfied patients and some of their hair transplant reviews are here.

Do you have hair transplant before and after photos?

Yes! Look at some of our impressive hair transplant before and after photos results using Neograft Hair Transplant.

Where do I find Texas hair transplant?

Beleza Medspa provides hair transplant services for all of Texas.  Ask about our $500 travel expense reimbursement with minimum purchase of 3000 grafts.

Where do I find Hair Transplant Austin near me?

Beleza Medspa offers multiple offices for free Neograft Hair Transplant surgery consultations.  All hair transplants are performed at our AAAHC accredited surgical suite in Cedar Park.

What is the best hair transplant in Texas?

Beleza Medspa offers some of the most experienced Neograft Hair Transplant technicians in the business.  In fact, our technicians are in National demand. Coupled with our Neograft Hair Transplant technology, and our incredible hair transplant prices, we believe we can be considered the best hair transplant in Texas.

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