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How does Coolsculpting work?

Coolsculpting Procedure.*

By now many people have heard of the revolutionary fat freezing procedure, Coolsculpting.  With millions of Coolsculpting treatments performed, it is rapidly becoming accepted as the gold standard for non-invasive fat reduction and body contouring.  But how does Coolsculpting work?  Is it Safe?  Are there any long-term side effects?


How does Coolsculpting work?

Coolsculpting was developed almost by accident.  Pediatricians have long noticed that children who kept popsicles against their cheeks for long periods of time would develop dents.  It was believed that the sustained cold applied to the inside of the cheek was killing some of the fat cells.  The Coolsculpting technology was based on this principle.  It basically freezes the fat in the area treated without damaging the surrounding tissues.  It does this in a controlled fashion with an applicator that sucks the fat up into it.  The fat is kept at a specific temperature for a set amount of time.  The Coolsculpting procedure does not kill the fat cells immediately.  Instead it damages them so over the next several months they begin to die.  The body harmlessly removes them over this period revealing a reduction in the size of the fatty area.

So Coolsculpting actually removes fat cells from your body.  If you maintain your weight or better yet, lose weight, the results are long-lasting.  Coolsculpting can even be repeated for better results.

Is Coolsculpting safe?

Yes!  Millions of Coolsculpting procedures have been performed without any serious side effects reported.  Some patients have experienced some discomfort at the treatment areas after the procedure, but this usually resolves with time.

Are there any long-term side effects of Coolsculpting?

To date, no long-term side effects of Coolsculpting have been reported.  As we have already discussed, Coolsculpting uses your body’s natural systems to harmlessly remove fat cells treated during the procedure.

What are the advantages of Coolsculpting over other fat reduction procedures?

Well the biggest advantage is that it actually works!  You will see results when properly performed.  Coolsculpting is also non-invasive and non-surgical.  No needles or anesthesia needed.  It is a relatively comfortable 30-60 minute procedure where you are free to do whatever you want. Plus there is no downtime.  You are back on your feet immediately and can resume normal activities very quickly.  Coolsculpting is a truly a revolutionary method of dealing with fatty areas.

Is Coolsculpting right for me?

The only way to answer this is during a free consultation with one of our coolsculpting technicians.  Coolsculpting is not a miracle cure for fat or a weight loss procedure.  But in the right patients, Coolsculpting can offer exceptional results with little risk, pain or downtime.  It is ideal for healthy adults who take care of themselves and need some targeted body sculpting.

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