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Hair Transplant Austin Reviews

hair transplant austin

Hair Transplant Reviews

At Beleza, we pride ourselves on having the some of the top providers and procedures in Austin Texas. What is even more humbling to us is having an actual patient want to give testimony about their experience with us. For someone to be so satisfied with their results and their experience, and want to share it with the world, well, we are beyond pleased by this.  Let’s look at some of our hair transplant reviews.

Neograft Hair Transplant Austin Review

Meet Keith, an actual Neograft Hair Transplant patient of Beleza MedSpa. Keith came to us over a year ago in hopes of undergoing NeoGraft in the next year or so. He shopped around and eventually decided to have his procedure with us, which we were thrilled about. After 9 months since his procedure, Keith was ready to speak out about his experience and share it with the world. Like any medical spa, this is music to our ears. Please watch his Hair Transplant Review below.

Keith also gave the following Hair Transplant Austin Review:

I had three issues:

1.) Does Hair Transplant Work?

Based on years of research and my own experience, I’d say it seems to work on everybody. They have figured out that if you take hairs from your head, they can successfully be transplanted to another part of your head. I think it always worked, they have just gotten better at doing it and making it look natural.

2.) Does Hair Transplant Hurt?

A little at first with the numbing shots, but you don’t really feel anything after a couple of minutes. Also, it itched a little for 2 months.

3.) Is Hair Transplant Expensive?

You bet. But considering I had two technicians working on me for 12 hours (7 am – 7 pm) it was a bargain. I got a part time job for a year and that covered it. I could have saved some money flying to Turkey, but that seems risky for an old, white American. I looked better than when I went in after 2 months. And after 5 months, I would have been completed satisfied. But it seems to get better every day. (8 months out as of this writing).

You are probably going to want to wear a hat for a few months when you are out and about, but after a few months you can ditch the hats. I doubt I’ll ever wear one again. When you look online at the before and after pictures, it’s obvious that the picture on the left is one sad, old looking fellow. The guy on the right always looks at least 10 years younger and is farting rainbows. I decided I wanted to be the picture on the right. No honor in being bald.”

– Keith W., 10.15.17 (8 months post-op) Beleza NeoGraft Patient, 2017

NeoGraft Hair Transplant Before and After Photos

hair transplant Before and after

hair transplant Before and after

hair transplant before and after

Our medical professionals are highly experienced in NeoGraft Hair Transplants and can answer any questions you may have about the treatment. As an added convenience to our patients, we hold free consultations at all four locations making it easy for you to learn more about this amazing procedure. Call or email us to book your FREE consultation today: or 1.800.509.9785.

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