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Hair Transplant Cost

hair transplant cost

Concerned about Hair Transplant cost?

We share your concern.  Successful hair transplant depends on the density of the hair grafts.  Simply, the more hair grafts, the better the hair transplant results.  Unfortunately, the cost of hair transplant can be very expensive and as a result, limit the number of grafts that many men can purchase.  This leads to less than optimal results and disappointment.

Beleza Medspa Smart Hair Transplant Pricing

Our philosophy at Beleza Medspa is to always provide you with the safest, most effective aesthetic procedures at the best cost.  That has been our mantra for the past 10 years.  We realize that if we can give you great results at fair price, your referrals and reviews are just as valuable to us.  So we price our Neograft Hair Transplant very aggressively to maximize the number of grafts that you can have transplanted and the results you will see.

Our starting price is $4.25/graft up to 2000 grafts and $3.50/graft over 2000 grafts.  These prices are anywhere from 25-50% less than our competitors.  We want you to spend your money on grafts and results, not profit for the practice.

Cost of Hair Transplant

Our hair transplant cost includes everything.  That includes preop evaluation, the Neograft Hair Transplant procedure and all necessary anesthesia, postoperative follow-up and an LED light package.   Our goal is for you to have a safe, comfortable and effective procedure.  You will get the services of the same experienced Neograft hair transplant technicians used by all Neograft practices.  The only difference is that you will save thousands of dollars that you can use to buy more hair transplant grafts to give yourself better results.

Best Hair Transplant

When looking for the best hair transplant practice there are a few things to consider.  Have they invested in the latest technology like Neograft, which decreases scars and improves results? Will your transplant be performed by experienced hair transplant technicians?  Can you afford enough hair transplant grafts to get good results?  Beleza Medspa can answer yes to all of these and could be considered your choice for best hair transplant.

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