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Looking for Gynecomastia Surgery Near Me?

Gynecomastia surgery or gyno surgery is sometimes needed in males that have experienced abnormal breast development and growth. It is necessary to know the difference between normal growing stages that sometimes cause temporary breast tissue growth and abnormal growths that develop from other causes.

gynecomastiaMale Gynecomastia Causes or Man Boobs

Gynecomastia or gyno, can be caused by many different factors. Medication side effects (like Risperdal), normal newborn and teenage temporary development, metabolic disorders, decrease of testosterone levels and many other factors may play into abnormal breast growth in males. Typically, a newborn and teenage male will temporarily develop a small breast growth. In newborns, the growth goes away after two months of age, but in teenagers, the growth can take up to two years to disappear. The hormonal changes that newborns and teenagers go through are the causes of these temporary breast development stages.

Procedure for Male Breast Reduction

There are some forms of gynecomastia that can be treated with simple liposuction, but true gynecomastia needs to be treated by actually making an incision and/or Vaser Liposuction, physically destroying and removing the tissue growth. However common breast reduction surgery is, it is imperative that the patient finds a surgeon who has training and experience with male reduction services.

Possibility of Regrowth

Unfortunately, it is near impossible for any physician to guarantee that regrowth will not occur. Sometimes, it is possible to be prescribed hormones in order to increase the body’s testosterone levels, but even hormones will not guarantee that the regrowth will not occur. If a physician guarantees that it will not be an issue again, you may want to seek a second opinion.

Finding Gynecomastia Surgery Near Me

Many males who undergo breast reduction/augmentation surgery want the surgery to be as discreet as possible. It is illegal to give out patient information, but sometimes the clinics are less than subtle about what procedures are generally performed. Many times, an experienced clinic will have a “side entrance” that some patients will prefer. Finding a clinic that is reputable and trustworthy is an important factor in deciding which surgeon to use. If the clinic has reviews that shed a negative light, there is probably a just reason for that. It is always a good idea to research before going in for any procedure.

Lose the Man Boobs with Gyno Surgery

Gynecomastia can have a very negative effect on a person, but there is no need to feel uncomfortable with discussing the subject. Due to the sudden rise of breast enlargement and reduction procedures, doctors are becoming more and more experienced and knowledgeable in how to best remove the tissues while providing the least invasive and most pain-free procedures possible.

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