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Gynecomastia Surgery Cost 2017

gynecomastia surgery cost gynecomastia surgery cost

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What does gynecomastia Surgery Cost?

So you have gynecomastia and have decided through your research that you need surgery.  Now the question is, how much is it and how will I pay for it.  Gynecomastia surgery costs run the gamut from a few thousand dollars to over ten thousand dollars.   However, deciding on your gynecomastia surgeon should not just be based on price.  After all, your safety and final results are much more important.

Choosing a gynecomastia surgeon.

This can be a daunting task!  You will be bombarded with credentials, promises of safety and results.  Plastic surgeons will tell you that they are the experts in gynecomastia surgery and that you would be crazy to go elsewhere.  Unfortunately, board certification in plastic surgery guarantees you neither results nor safety.  It does guarantee you high prices.  There are many cosmetic surgeons out there who can perform this procedure better and safer than most plastic surgeons. Technically, this is not the most complicated procedure. However, the artistic component to this procedure is far more important,  Unfortunately, artistry and creativity in body sculpting cannot be taught.

This is where the power of the internet comes in.   Your best resources include fellow gynecomastia surgery patients, bodybuilders, etc.  Research the surgeon’s reviews and talk with some of his patients. Look at his or her pictures. This will be your best bet in choosing you gynecomastia surgeon.

Gynecomastia surgery cost.

There is great variability in gynecomastia surgery prices.  The best way to approach this is to understand what is required for this procedure.  Ideally, gynecomastia surgery should be performed under local anesthesia.  It is far safer and your recovery is much quicker.  Even if you are scared of being awake, you should be much more scared of dying during general anesthesia. Plus by eliminating general anesthesia you reduce the cost by more than a third.  Save money and save your life!  After the anesthesia costs you will see facility and surgeon fees.  Look for a surgeon who owns his own facility.  This allows him to control costs and be able to negotiate.  Obviously, his fees are also, within reason, negotiable.

Gynecomastia Surgery Austin Cost at Beleza Medspa

Dr. Staci Hix-Hernandez MD  has performed hundreds of gynecomastia surgery procedures all under local anesthesia.  They are experts at the subcutaneous mastectomy (gland removal) as well as body sculpting with Smartlipo Liposuction.  They have the artistic eye to reduce puffy nipples and large areolas as well as flatten fatty chests.  They receive many referrals from the bodybuilding community. Beleza Medspa has a AAAHC accredited office based plastic surgery suite for your safety and comfort.  During your free consultation, you will quoted one fee that includes your preop, procedure, compression garment and all follow-up.  We offer great results and safety coupled with low gynecomastia Austin surgery costs.  Get your free consultation now.

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