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Sun Damage and PhotoAging

Most of the aging of our skin is caused by sun exposure.  The visible signs of photoaging include wrinkles, sun spots, roughness, redness and laxity.  Much of this damage can be prevented by avoiding the sun and using sunscreen.  However, once you have sun damage, it is important to understand how it happened.  Skin consists of two main layers, the epidermis and dermis.  The epidermis basically consists of a thin layer of dead cells.  It is the lower layer, the dermis where the main structure of the skin consists.  It is here the two main components of skin, collagen and elastin are located.  Collagen gives skin its toughness and elastin gives skin its elasticity.

Its is the dermis where the majority of sun damage occurs.  Specifically, UVA rays penetrate into the dermis and cause damage to the collagen and elastin fibers.  Not only does the sun damage the collagen and elastin that is present, but it actually turns off new production leading to the sun damage we see.

What does MicroNeedling do?

Microneedling was specifically designed to allow medical professionals to access the skin’s dermal layer.  A series of small surgical needles are used to penetrate the dermis during an in-office visit.  The needles are designed to induce small wounds in the dermis that stimulate repair and production of collagen and elastin.  This is also called collagen induction therapy (CIT) and will produce skin rejuvenation.  The other advantage to microneedling is that the small channels that are produced allow the delivery of medications to the dermis.  Most anti-aging creams out there fail to penetrate the skin to the dermis and hence fail to have any effect.  With the microchannels from microneedling, we have direct access to the dermis for drug delivery.

GloPro Microneedling or Microneedling at Home.

GloPro microneedling is a device designed for home use.  It combines microneedling and LED light therapy.  Does it work?  The needles on GloPro are 0.3o mm.  The skin thickness on the face can range from 0.5mm to 1.5mm.  So as you can see, for the needles to reach the dermis where the sun damage is, they must be larger than 0.5mm and preferably 1.0-1.5mm.  The Glopro needles cannot reach the dermis to produce any real, long-term changes.  Use of longer needles at home is dangerous.  The possibility of infections, scarring and allergic reactions is increased.  Professional microneedling at medical offices uses longer needles under controlled conditions.  The Glopro microneedling can induce some changes to the epidermis and skin plumping and may produce some temporary effects.

glopro microneedling

Microneedling Austin @Beleza MedSpa

Beleza Medspa utilizes Eclipse Micropens for microneedling procedures.  The Micropen uses disposable tips that has twelve (12) stainless steel micro‐needles (32‐gauge) which can be adjusted from 0.25 to 2.75 mm, giving physicians and aestheticians an innovative skin therapy system that is designed to cater to individual patient needs.  The Micropen is motorized and the high speed (8500 rpm) automated needling motion minimizes pain and discomfort, while better promoting an even absorption of topicals, acids and peptides into the skin which enhances overall results.  Microneedling with PRP can provide even better results.

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